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RPG Genres: Action Movie, Anime, Comedy, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Horror, Humor / Satire, Low Magic, Modern, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi (Hard), Steampunk, Super Hero
RPG Systems: Basic Roleplaying (BRP), D20 Modern, Dungeons & Dragons 4E, Dungeons & Dragons 5E, Pathfinder, Rifts
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Player Finder for Tabletop and Online Gamers

Searching online or in your local game store to find other local gamers can be pretty frustrating.  Roleplayers & Tabletop Wargamers have challenges finding other gamers who live near them.  Everyone hopes to find people interested in the games they like.  When you do find other gamers then you're crossing your fingers hoping they'll have similar opinions on genres & play-style.  Find Gamers is doing it's best to help you find other people that match your interests not only in Roleplaying but also Miniature & Historical Wargaming.

After registering and building a Gamer Profile, you'll be able to search for local gamers in your area or online.  Other people can see your favorite games & interests then contact you.  If you live in a sparsely populated area and can only game online, then you can add `Game Online` to your Gamer Profile.  Find Gamers show your Gamer Profile in the Local Gamers search (Within Canada, Great Britain & USA) but also list you in Online Gamers listings.

Another feature is our member driven Convention & Event list.  One of the unique things about the event list is that any registered user can create events.  They can be Conventions, Online Events or the more popular Local Only Events.  Local Only Events are often used for:  a local organization's game day, a hobby store's tournament or class on painting miniatures.

Major Theme Update ( In Feature Creep)
Feature Creep

Unfortunately the tools & options I'd like to give Find Gamer users has outgrown the web theme, or the visual layout, for the site. And annoying little bugs are creeping in that are causing problems for IOS 8 users for instance. So I've got a new theme for Find Gamers on the way.

It'll work better with cell phones and tablets, not just desktops. More importantly it'll allow new features and allow me to grow the site allowing more gamers lost in the wilderness to find gamer buddies.

If you are interested in being a beta tester of the new layout as it develops, shoot me a message either here or on Find Gamers.

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