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Searching in your local game store or on message boards to find other local gamers can be pretty frustrating.  Roleplayers & Tabletop Wargamers have challenges finding other gamers who live near them.  Everyone hopes to find people interested in the games they like.  When you do find other gamers then you're crossing your fingers hoping they'll have similar opinions on genres & play-style.  Find Gamers is doing it's best to help you find other people that match your interests not only in Roleplaying but also Miniature & Historical Wargaming.

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After registering and building a Gamer Profile, you'll be able to search for local gamers in your area or those interesting in playing online.  Other people can see your favorite games & interests then contact you about tabletop gaming opportunities.

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If you live in a sparsely populated area and can only game online, then you can add `Game Online` to your Gamer Profile.  Find Gamers show your Gamer Profile in the Local Gamers search (Within Canada, Great Britain & USA) but also list you in Online Gamers listings.

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Another feature is our member driven Convention & Event list.  Any registered user can create events.  They can be Conventions, Online Events or the more popular Local Only Events.  Local Only Events are often used for:  a local organization's game day, a hobby store's tournament or class on painting miniatures. Our gamers are looking for Roleplaying or Wargaming conventions, be sure to add yours.

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RPG Systems Ars Magica, Dungeons & Dragons 1E AD&D, Dungeons & Dragons 2E, Dungeons & Dragons 3.5E, Independent (Indie), Paranoia, Traveller (Classic)
RPG Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Historical / Period, Horror, Sci-Fi, Steampunk
Wargames Star Wars: X-Wing
War Genres American Civil War, Ancients, Early Modern, Middle Ages, Science Fiction, World War II

Old time roleplayer, more recent boardgamer. Looking to branch out from historical hex&counter games.

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Feature Creep
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Public Group Pages ( In Feature Creep)

Trying to find a new player or two for my own tabletop gaming group has made me realize that Find Gamers needed a new option for gaming groups.  People post information about their groups on forums or sites like Reddit's LFG subreddit  when they are searching for new players.  But re-typing that information can get tiring after a bit.  So I created public group pages for all Local and Online Groups.  Anyone can share the url for groups that you own or have found in a search.  

Like our Public Gamer Biographies, you don't need to log-in to read the page.  Plus there are social buttons for Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Reddit.  So be sure to use this as an option to share information about your game group.

If you have a great idea that would be useful to our members, be sure to pass that along to me in Feedback.  We're always looking for ways to help out gamers, that's why we're here.

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Making Convention Websites Useful ( In Opinions & Ramblings)

I spend several hours every month adding and updating our Convention & Local Event pages.  It truly amazes me how many convention websites don't have useful information.  I see this all the time when adding conventions to Find Gamers.  It's a recipe for failure that doesn't help you get more folks to your convention.  Taking a little more time to add the useful data to your website will encourage more folks to visit your website and convention.

Let's look at a few things below that sadly, have stopped surprising me.  I'm sure you many of you have seen these problems too.  All of these examples come from today's update to the Conventions Page.

Conventions website's that: 

  • Don't have an address for their location anywhere on their website.  I see this more than anything else.
  • Give the address as the corner of two roads but don't give the city or state.
  • Don't actually explain what happens at the convention.
  • Have great pages for individual convention activities but don't describe the convention at all.
  • Don't have a method of contacting the convention to ask questions.  No web form, email address or forum.
  • Mix up the previous year's convention pages with the upcoming convention's activities.

Just so you don't think I am picking on small conventions, take a look at the 2016 Origins Game Fair website.  It is a great example of failure.  While some information is there, the text is fairly illegible.  Somebody made a lot of assumptions, they think everyone knows what Origins is all about.  There isn't a description of the convention to be found or much useful information that might explain to a new gamer what Origins is all about.

It's very important to get the word out about your event.  That's why we support conventions and other local events here at Find Gamers.  Just try to keep in mind that there are always new folks interested in your convention but it is up to you to sell it to them.  Make sure you have all of the useful information and they'll come.

Speaking of conventions, I'll be headed over to MidSouthCon 34 in Memphis TN this weekend.  I'm looking forward to some D&D, Paranoia, Cthulhu and maybe a little Shadow of the Demon Lord.  Hopefully I'll see a few of you there.

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