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Searching in your local game store or on message boards to find other local gamers can be pretty frustrating.  Roleplayers & Tabletop Wargamers have challenges finding other gamers who live near them.  Everyone hopes to find people interested in the games they like.  When you do find other gamers then you're crossing your fingers hoping they'll have similar opinions on genres & play-style.  Find Gamers is doing it's best to help you find other people that match your interests not only in Roleplaying but also Miniature & Historical Wargaming.

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After registering and building a Gamer Profile, you'll be able to search for local gamers in your area or those interesting in playing online.  Other people can see your favorite games & interests then contact you about tabletop gaming opportunities.

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If you live in a sparsely populated area and can only game online, then you can add `Game Online` to your Gamer Profile.  Find Gamers show your Gamer Profile in the Local Gamers search (Within Canada, Great Britain & USA) but also list you in Online Gamers listings.

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Another feature is our member driven Convention & Event list.  Any registered user can create events.  They can be Conventions, Online Events or the more popular Local Only Events.  Local Only Events are often used for:  a local organization's game day, a hobby store's tournament or class on painting miniatures. Our gamers are looking for Roleplaying or Wargaming conventions, be sure to add yours.

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RPG Systems 7th Sea, Dark Heresy, Dungeons & Dragons 5E, Iron Kingdoms, Pathfinder, Rogue Trader, Shadowrun, Star Wars, Warhammer Fantasy
RPG Genres Covert Ops, Horror, Low Magic, Modern, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi (Hard), Swashbuckling, Western

Freelance writer, artist, and cartographer.

Owner of Assassin Games.

Roleplaying Preferences

Simon doesn't have any RPG Preferences at this time.

Only preferences specifically selected will appear.

Wargame Preferences

Only preferences specifically selected will appear.

Only preferences specifically selected will appear.  Game Length Times are general estimates.  Short games are usually less than an hour in length.  Medium games run up to two or three hours.  Long games would be four or five hours.  Very Long would be six or more hours.  Play by Post also includes Play By Email and Play By Mail. 

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AT&T and Bellsouth emails bouncing ( In General)

Good morning gamers.  We just wanted to extend a little note to our members who've signed-up with and at& email accounts.  At this time it looks like most of the notification emails we're sending to you are not reaching your and at& email inboxes.  SendGrid, our 3rd party email delivery partner is already on top of the problem.  So the problem should be resolved in 48 hours or less.  

I'll update this blog article when it looks like things are fixed.  But this is also a great time to mention a few things related to emails.

If you have other questions, you can always send us Feedback.  Keep in mind that response time might be slow this week, it's a holiday in the USA.


It looks like SendGrid are able to get things fixed.  Emails should be arriving again.

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Feature Creep
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Even More Postal Codes ( In Feature Creep)

A new update has gone live this morning (Sept 1, 2016) that should add support for our members almost anywhere in most of the english speaking world.  If you are a member in a location that we've not supported thus far, give it a try.  

However if your postal code is not unique, you might get the wrong results.  For instance, Germany uses the same postal code numbers as the United States.  In all cases, if you search for a german postal code, only an american one will be found.

Update (9/15/2016)

Country detection has been added to the postal code look-up.  This should allow more members from European countries to get the right information in their membership profiles.  As we have more members join from these countries I'll keep testing to make certain your player, group and local event searches are correct.

If you already have an account, re-save your postal code in your Gamer Profile to activate it. 

I'd appreciate Feedback if you run into a problem.  Please include any errors, postal code and your country.

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