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Searching in your local game store or on message boards to find other local gamers can be pretty frustrating.  Roleplayers & Tabletop Wargamers have challenges finding other gamers who live near them.  Everyone hopes to find people interested in the games they like.  When you do find other gamers then you're crossing your fingers hoping they'll have similar opinions on genres & play-style.  Find Gamers is doing it's best to help you find other people that match your interests not only in Roleplaying but also Miniature & Historical Wargaming.

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Host married
Wargames Bolt Action, Fire & Fury
War Genres American Civil War, Colonial, Early Modern, Middle Ages, Napoleonic, World War I, World War II

Historical Miniature gamer. Part of a local club that meets on Saturdays.

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Game News
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Can a Roleplaying Game save a Film Franchise? ( In Game News)

While the premise is arguable, it is obvious that the Star Wars roleplaying game contributed to the continued popularity of the entire Star Wars franchise.  If it weren't true then toys, cartoons and novels made today wouldn't contain names created for the rpg some 25 years ago.  You read that right.  Surprising though it might be, the roleplaying game and it's sourcebook had a far reaching effect on the original universe and it's canon.  

I'd recommend fans of Star Wars (and who isn't these days) take a look at Chris Baker's article over at Glixel.  You might find a few things that surprise you.

Source:  How a Pen and Paper RPG Brought 'Star Wars' Back From the Dead

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Holiday Fun Time ( In General)

Merry Christmas everyone.  Whatever your family holiday is this season, I hope enjoy it to the fullest!

Just a reminder to all of our gamer friends, this is a great time of the year to talk your family into a gateway game.  Try to get them into a game of Blokus or Fluxx.  Give it a shot!

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