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Friendly Advice
  • You are not logged in.  Events submitted now will not go-live until they have been reviewed.
  • Events should include tabletop gaming activities. 
    Examples:  Board & Card, Larp, RPGs, Wargaming. 
    Not accepted:  Gambling, sports and mmorpg events.
  • Verify your event isn't already listed, search for it on the Conventions Page.
  • Double check for errors immediately after creating or updating. 
  • If you Submit and don't immediately see your event's page, it means you didn't fill-in the form correctly, missed required fields or were not logged in.
  • Popular games or other functions that occur at Conventions or Tournaments should be included in the description.
  • Local (Small Scale Events) have limited seats or interest.  Examples:  Miniature painting classes at your local game store, boardgame night at your local college bookstore.
  • Email Contacts now accept more than one address.  Add a comma between each email addresses.
    Example:  [email protected],[email protected]
  • The data here is used to convince search engines your conventions & events are important.  Be as complete as possible.
Create New Event (Conventions, Game Events, Classes)
Event names are required.  Examples are Gencon 2020, National Game Day, Miniature Painting Class, My Games at a Convention.
Web Url's are Preferred.  Please put a website address here when possible.  International Events without a url *might* be deleted.
Email is Optional but recommended.  It should be a contact for this event or your own.  We'll notify them that their event has been added to our convention list and when changes are made to the event.  Email addresses are not shared with users.
Dates are required.
If this event is only for a few people locally, then it is probably Local Only.  Please read the notes on this topic in Useful Information - Topics above this form. 
Postal codes are required.  Use the store, hotel or location's postal code where this event or convention will be held.  If you leave this blank, your own postal code will be used.  Remember to use the guidelines on Postal Codes from your Gamer Profile.
Tantalize the readers with interesting details.  This text editor is a Markdown Editor.  It does not accept html or bbcode.  This is a required field.

A location image is suggested but not required.  Images must be a minimum of 720px wide or they will be ignored by Google & Bing.

Example Images:  A logo from the event, your convention center or hotel, an image from last year's convention

You are not logged in.  Events submitted now will not go-live until they have been reviewed.