Fantasy Coin Calculator

This page is meant as an aid to determine how much your loot in precious metal coins actually weighs. 

Coins in an Object
The number of coins that will fit into a known object.
Object Size
How many coins and their weight will fit into an object of a specific size.
Coin Pile
How much coins weigh and how large of a container you'll need to hold them.

Coin Pile
Coins in an Object
Object Size (inches)

These fantasy coin calculations are based on How many coins in a coffer by David F. Godwin.  It was originally published in Dragon Magazine #80 and republished in Best of Dragon Voume #5.  For the source data used in this tool, please see the original article for detailed information. 

These calculators assume the coins are loosely stacked.  Generic Fantasy Coinage is a coin of generic size and weight based on general averages of precious metals from the medieval and middle ages.  All of the coins are considered to be 1.5" in size.  The coins labeled copper, silver, gold and platinum are considered to be "mostly" pure precious metals.

Remember that although an object might be large enough to hold a specific number of coins, it might not be strong enough to contain them without breaking.