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The events on our convention list are typically Roleplaying, Wargaming and Board Games gatherings that gamers are interested in traveling to enjoy.  Conventions often host a multitude of different fun activities besides games.  If you explore some of the convention's web sites you'll discover costume contests, famous artists and maybe even actors from your favorite tv shows & movies. 

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  • Feb 07, 2025 Galveston, TX Convention


    Get ready for an unforgettable gaming weekend at The PeliCON! Tickets on sale on this site May 1, 2024! Galveston's premiere board game convention will have something for everyone, from the casual gamer to more competitive gaming enthusiasts!

    The PeliCON is a 3-day board gaming event that will take place on Galveston Island, Texas in February 2025! ​​The event is hosted by Galveston Gaming Expo, a board game-focused nonprofit, and features games, events for the whole family, prizes, and game giveaways!

    Come, hang out, play some games and make new friends!

    Located on Galveston’s magnificent Sea.....