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The events on our convention list are typically Roleplaying, Wargaming and Board Games gatherings that gamers are interested in traveling to enjoy.  Conventions often host a multitude of different fun activities besides games.  If you explore some of the convention's web sites you'll discover costume contests, famous artists and maybe even actors from your favorite tv shows & movies. 

Is your Convention or Event not listed below?  Add it yourself.  Select I'd like to and select Add an Event.  Then Find Gamers members can make comments and discuss your event.  Members may also post Games, Dances, Contests & other Activities being hosting at a convention. 

  • Aug 01, 2021 Orlando, FL Other

    Missing Conventions

    Where are the conventions? Sadly there are so few, most of them are cancelled.

  • Oct 02, 2021 Edinburgh, Convention


    AlbaCon is a virtual Tabletop Roleplaying Game (TTRPG) Convention.

    The main aims of AlbaCon are to have fun playing games and to raise money for good causes when we are doing it.

    RPG submissions are now open -

    AlbaCon is being held on 2nd & 3rd October this year and is raising money to support suicide prevention work by the Scottish mental health charity, Penumbra -