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  Conventions (US, CA & GB)

The events on our convention list are typically Roleplaying, Wargaming and Board Games gatherings that gamers are interested in traveling to enjoy.  Conventions often host a multitude of different fun activities besides games.  If you explore some of the convention's web sites you'll discover costume contests, famous artists and maybe even actors from your favorite tv shows & movies. 

Is your Convention or Event not listed below?  Add it yourself.  Select I'd like to and select Add an Event.  Then Find Gamers members can make comments and discuss your event.  Members may also post Games, Dances, Contests & other Activities being hosting at a convention. 

  • Oct 14, 2018 Niceville, FL Other

    Playtest games PnP Vassal TTS + 1 online

    One online LAN/Web/localhost game (online loaners and actual script files available by request, one open play copy already exists) for 2 to 6 players medium weight with a lot of hidden from other players information

    A couple of 2 player games (a heavy and a medium weight) in PnP+Vassal+TTS formats

    A couple of 2 to 6 player games in PnP+TTS formats (a medium weight and a casual weight)

    and even a simple card game using regular playing cards for 3 to 5 players

    -- I suppose we could also count the dominoes inspired totally untested 2 to 5 player thing (PnP+Vassal)

    Feedback would be appreciated. Online opponents would be a good thing. But, the games as they are right now, are available. Grab a copy if interested.

    Let me know if you want script files or need an online loaner assigned for The Singularity Trap game.

  • Jan 05, 2019 Pomona, CA Convention

    Retro City Festival

    Retro City Festival is an annual celebration dedicated to the history of video games, arcades and pinball. Come experience hundreds of classic arcades, pinball machines, tournaments, an interactive video game history museum, live music, vendors and more! We showcase the largest collection of vintage video game consoles in all of California!

  • Jan 05, 2019 Okoboji, IA Convention

    Lakes Area Game Fest

    Lakes Area Game Fest is an annual open gaming convention in Okoboji, IA for new and experienced gamers, families, and individuals of all ages to learn and play contemporary board & card games.

    The event is hosted by the Lakes Area Board Gamers, an open group of board-gaming enthusiasts in Northwest Iowa. Our convention welcomes attendees from across the Midwest (and beyond!) to take part in a full 24 hours of gaming over the course of two days.

    Attendees will have access to our Convention Library of more than 200 popular games which can be checked out for free use within the event space. We also encourage you to BYOG (Bring Your Own Games) to enjoy with others!

    Open gaming is available for the entirety of the convention, but plenty of programming is also featured, including:

    • Scheduled gaming
    • Scheduled playtesting of local game designs
    • Envoy Herald game demos
    • Mini tournaments
    • Used Game Garage Sale (bring your own games to sell!)
    • Local vendors
    • Giveaways, and more!

    This is an opportunity to enjoy the tabletop gaming hobby in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Reserve your badge today!

  • Jan 11, 2019 Muscatine, IA Convention


    Greetings, fellow patriots! IoWorlds is a wargaming convention.

    Enjoy a full weekend of fun and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in arms!

  • Jan 12, 2019 Derwood, MD Convention

    Congress of Gamers

    Board game convention (with some RPG and social gaming). Features tournament play, hot game demos, special events, HUGE board game flea market, no-ship math trade, large games library, game design workshop, and much more.

  • Feb 15, 2019 Spartanburg, SC Convention

    TantrumCon 2019

    TantrumCon 2019 will be held at the Spartanburg Marriott on President's Day weekend 2019 (February 15 - 17). This year features a host of awesome events including:

    • One of the very few Catan U.S. National Qualifier tournaments remaining for the 2019 season in the Southeast!
    • A Kids Gaming Area where you'll be able to drop off your young gamer (ages 6 - 12) for select hours each day, featuring a Kids' Gaming Library of over 100 games!
    • Awesome special guests such as Richard Launius (with more to be announced soon!)
    • Live Tantrum House broadcasts!
    • Premium meal events such as a New York Slice pizza party (where each attendee will go home with a copy of the game)!
    • and much, much more!

    There will be TONS of opportunities to learn new games, play with new friends (and old), hang out with the Tantrum House crew (as well of lots of other board game personalities) and generally have the time of your life! Our board game library will be open 17-hours a day.

    Our dedicated GMs will be teaching games all day. The Tantrum House crew will be shooting live reviews, podcast interviews, and shows each day that you can be involved in! Board game demos and tournaments will be scheduled to take place throughout the day, and it'll pretty much be the most fun Spartanburg has ever known!

  • Feb 21, 2019 Aurora, CO Convention

    GenghisCon 42

    Billed as “the king of tabletop gaming conventions,” GenghisCon certainly reigns in terms of longevity. Now in its 41st year, it’s grown to be an impressive collection of gaming, miniatures, merchandise and cosplay. When Westword covered its fortieth anniversary last year, it was clear that this was an event that brought out the fun in February, and one that's well worth a roll of the dice.

  • Feb 22, 2019 Roanoke, VA Convention


    The location and time of year that MystiCon takes place is one that fans, family and friends alike have come to rely on for an awesome weekend of SciFi, Fantasy and Pop Culture.

    This convention was resurrected in 2010 by a collection of cool zany and passionate people that wanted to keep the family-friendly traditions of open gaming, enjoyment of different literature, arts, imaginations and camaraderie any Con-goer will surely enjoy!

  • Mar 07, 2019 Lake Geneva, WI Convention

    Gary Con XI

    Gary Con is an annual game convention celebrating the life and works of Gary Gygax, the Father of Role Playing Games. We do this by doing what he loved so much in life, playing Games! Join Gary’s children, friends and fellow game enthusiasts as we celebrate a life well-played.

  • Mar 08, 2019 Franklin, TN Convention

    Tennessee Game Days

    Tennessee Game Days is an open gaming convention held annually just south of Nashville, TN. Attendees from all over Tennessee, surrounding states, and from places far and wide, gather for three solid days of open gaming. All kinds of board and card games will be available for play and you can find willing opponents for just about any game. Our 2018 convention set a record for attendance again, that's 7 years in a row. Over 1,200 games were logged on a "Play to Win" title during the course of the weekend.

  • Mar 15, 2019 Frederick, MD Convention


    The Big Frederick Gaming Convention (or BFGcon for short) is an annual geeky convention in Frederick, MD that includes Board Games, Magic the Gathering, Tabletop RPGs, Miniature War Gaming, Entertainment, Panels and much much more. This is the area’s only full-fledged con where all types of gamers are welcomed, tournaments and events take place, and where we create a full experience for the attendees instead of just an open space for gaming.

  • Apr 07, 2019 Berkeley, CA Convention

    Board Games at Berkeley Con

    We're excited to announce BGB Con, UC Berkeley's first board game convention. While the event will take place on campus, everyone is welcome. Here's what we have planned.

    General admission tickets are currently $15, so as to admit the largest body of guests. Within the 9072 sq. ft space we have several gaming themed areas planned. We've set aside RPG, miniature, and card game sections for variety. However, We're most excited by our game library. Stocked with a huge selection of board games, both classic and new, we’ll also have game gurus moving from table to table explaining games to newer players. BGB Con will also cater to fans of digital gaming with VR and esports sections. Vendors, artists, local businesses, and game publishers are on hand to sell their wares. Industry experts, game designers and more will all be present as a rotating cast of speakers. Finally, a range of tournaments, game design competitions, card game drafts, raffles and more will run throughout the day. We're very excited by the event! If you're interested in working with us, drop us a comment on our facebook page.

    Let me give you the details:

    Board Games at Berkeley Con April 8, 2019. 11am-7pm. Pauley Ballroom, 2495 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720.


  • Apr 26, 2019 Nashville, TN Convention

    Ratha Con

    Athens, Ohio's one and only pop-culture convention is coming back bigger and stronger than ever!

    Ratha Con features a huge Artists' and Dealers' hall, gaming, cosplay, panels, Quidditch, and lots more!

    So whether you're into- Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Superheroes, Doctor Who, Firefly, Anime, Zombies, Ghostbusters, Video Games, Tabletop games, Card games, Steampunk, Cosplay, Comics, or ANYTHING ELSE, Ratha Con is the place for you to GEEK OUT and connect with other fans.

  • Apr 26, 2019 Shreveport, LA Convention

    Red River RPG Con

    The Red River RPG Con is your home for all things RPG. Old School/New School, it's all good.

    Some examples are Dungeons and Dragons (any edition), Pathfinder, Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC), X-Crawl, Star Wars RPG, Starfinder, HarnMaster, Gamma World, Call of Cthulhu, and on and on. We are happy for you to run any game as obscure as you like, just remember, you need to be able to find around 6 players that want to play that game.

  • May 03, 2019 Shepherdstown, WV Convention


    1d4Con is a grassroots, by fans for fans, gaming convention. We are currently going into our 7th year and strive to bring the best gaming experience we can offer to the area.

    1d4Con aims to offer a wide variety of gaming for its attendees: Tabletop RPGs, Card games and Board games, LARPs, Miniatures games, and sometimes computer games like ARTEMIS Spaceship Bridge Simulator.

  • Jul 15, 2019 Miami, FL Convention

    GACUCon Game Cruise

    Game, Cosplay and Adventure on a Cruise Vacation

    Sailing July 15, 2019, aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines epic ship the "Navigator of the Seas". With a dedicated event space for 300+ gamers, cosplayers, game devs and more who enjoy the finer things in life.


    Our sailings not only include the cruise activities but a full compliment of LAN gaming, Cosplay Workshops, board games, console gaming, card games, virtual reality, manga, comic, fandom content libraries and even some workshops on cosplay, game industry topics and more.