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Closed: This event is now over.

HexaCon 2020


Jan 17, 2020 - Jan 20, 2020

Aurora, CO 80014

Website:  HexaCon 2020

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From:  Maelish
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HexaCon 2020

HexaCon is a unique hybrid between open game playing (like Board Game Geek Con in Dallas, TX) and what the long-time game convention attendees of Denver are used to, which is scheduled gaming (board games, rpgs, etc). HexaCon also strives to keep cost to a minimum for attendees as a non-profit so there is no barrier to entry for people to discover the joy of tabletop gaming.

We are using tabletop.events for pre-event scheduling, and new things are being added regularly. Any games with space left will be available for joining on site as well, as space allows.

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