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GACUCon Game Cruise


Jul 13, 2020 - Jul 17, 2020

Miami, FL 33132

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GACUCon Game Cruise

GACUCon Game Cruise is a 4-day luxury excursion aboard a floating city including casinos, spas, all you can eat buffets, comedy, console gaming, LAN, tabletop games, cosplay, arts and crafts, beaches and more. So you can get your vacation and game convention fix all in one shot with a side of exploration and adventure.

The newly amped Navigator of the Seas® delivers a maxed out adventure in just a few short days. Take on record breaking thrills, like the longest waterslide at sea. Soak up bigger, bolder, splashier pool days. Swap going out for going all out with next level nightlife and new dining for every craving. This is your short vacay, turned way, way up.

Looking for that perfect backdrop to make your cosplay shine? Onboard GACUCON you will come to Coco Cay, Nassau, and a full cruise ship filled with different themes rooms that will definitely make your cosplay photoshoot look the best.

If you are a Cosplayer or a Photo-lover, you will get a great lot of content from GACUCon. We visit every great backdrop rich locations and can make your professional portfolio greater.

GACUCon is an event/ vacation of like-minded people. Enjoy the geekery, the games, the sea, and the scenery. All while beating the other guests at the multitude of games be it virtual or physical.

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