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North Texas RPG Convention


Jun 03, 2020 - Jun 07, 2020

Irving, TX 75063

Website:  North Texas RPG Convention

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North Texas RPG Convention

The NTRPG Con focuses on old-school Dungeons & Dragons gaming (OD&D, 1E, 2E, or Basic/Expert) as well as any pre-1999 type of RPG produced by the classic gaming companies of the 70s and 80s (TSR, Chaosium, FGU, FASA, GDW, etc). We also support retro-clone or simulacrum type gaming that copies the old style of RPGs (Swords & Wizardry, Castles & Crusades, and others). ANY RPG games are welcome at the Con, be it D&D 4e, Pathfinder, or something we haven't even heard of, just be sure you can fill a table with 5-6 people before you ask to have it added to the schedule.

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