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Feb 16, 2018 - Feb 19, 2018

San Ramon, CA 94583

Website:  DunDraCon

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From:  Maelish


Dundracon is a Full Gamer convention that covers Larping, Boardgames, Mini's and RPG's. We have a Kids and Teens room, Open gaming, a Bazaar, panels and a vendor hall.

Brand new to role-playing games, (RPGs) at conventions? Want to try out an RPG title you haven't played before? Or do you just want to get into a low-powered relatively short RPG with a veteran GM and a smaller roster of players? Sign up for (or even drop into) any of our By the Basics 4-hour 5-player games. They are intended to be accessible to beginners, but they are original handcrafted adventures, run by the GM who wrote or adapted it.

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