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May 25, 2018 - May 28, 2018

Burlingame, CA 94010

Website:  KublaCon

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From:  Maelish


Make your plans for fun!

KublaCon is the West Coast's largest gaming convention, with over 72 hours of non-stop gaming FUN!

Running from Friday at 1pm to Monday at 5pm, you'll experience a huge choice of games from boardgames, to roleplaying, to special events of all sorts!

Begin making your plans to join us this year by registering and booking your room at the hotel.

Games, Gaming, and Gamers

While these days there are many types of 'games', KublaCon presents a weekend of playing 'hobby games.' By this we mean the kinds of games where you join other players with paper, pen, dice, chits, meeples, figurines, cards, costumes, etc. Some might call this 'old style' gaming versus modern day computer gaming... we just call it fun!

Hobby gaming takes many forms and formats, including: collectible card games (CCGs), board/tabletop games (TBL), and a variety of roleplaying games (RPGs). From casual 'party' style play, to more competitive tournament competition, you'll find many different opportunities to enjoy your favorite games, or to learn new ones.

Beyond the games themselves, KublaCon strives to broaden your experience of the hobby of gaming, including: A huge dealer's room filled with the latest games to purchase or peruse, seminars on all aspects of gaming from history to design, special events and seminars featuring Hobby Game celebrities, and a Young Player's room designed to encourage critical thinking and to teach good social skills.

Above it all, you'll meet organizers and attendees who LOVE gaming. You'll meet gamers of all ages who take great joy in sharing their latest favorite game, organizing a quick tournament or just talking about the latest fun they've had.

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