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Playtest games PnP Vassal TTS + 1 online


Oct 14, 2018 - Jan 18, 2038

Niceville, FL 32578

Website:  Playtest games PnP Vassal TTS + 1 online

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From:  gxnpt
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Playtest games PnP Vassal TTS + 1 online

One online LAN/Web/localhost game (online loaners and actual script files available by request, one open play copy already exists) for 2 to 6 players medium weight with a lot of hidden from other players information

A couple of 2 player games (a heavy and a medium weight) in PnP+Vassal+TTS formats

A couple of 2 to 6 player games in PnP+TTS formats (a medium weight and a casual weight)

and even a simple card game using regular playing cards for 3 to 5 players

-- I suppose we could also count the dominoes inspired totally untested 2 to 5 player thing (PnP+Vassal)

Feedback would be appreciated. Online opponents would be a good thing. But, the games as they are right now, are available. Grab a copy if interested.

Let me know if you want script files or need an online loaner assigned for The Singularity Trap game.

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