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Closed: This event is now over.

Cardboard Caucus


Oct 25, 2019 - Oct 27, 2019

West Des Moines, IA 50266

Website:  Cardboard Caucus

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Cardboard Caucus

A convention of the meeple, by the meeple, and for the meeple. Making America Game Again via the pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Victory Points!

Central Iowa’s newest tabletop convention! We are looking to host a great event that will give you a great place to sit down with friends (or maybe someone new!?) and play some great games.

This is our first year and we are VERY excited to be bringing a tabletop convention to Des Moines, Iowa. Please preregister as soon as possible to allow us to plan the best possible event!

We will be offering a great number of games from our library for you to check out, as well as some play-to-win games. If you have ideas you’d like to share to help us make the convention better for you – please reach out to us at [email protected]

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