FAQ A few answers

Find Gamers is a Player Finder & Group Finder
It's a place where you can find gamers like yourself who enjoy table-top RPGs, Miniatures based Wargamers, Board Games and hopefully even more.

You can search for gamers in Canada, Great Britain and the United States to find people of similar gaming interests and even list local events for other gamers to enjoy.

If you are trying to find people to meet locally and enjoy a tabletop game with them; searches for Local Gamers (based on your postal code) are currently available to Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United States.  USA islands and territories like Micronesia, Guam and sunny Saint Croix in the US Virgin Islands are in our database as well. 

If you need to find someone for tabletop gaming using an online service; searches for Online Gamers are more global.  Most members search based on Time Zones and not postal codes.  We've grouped Time Zones by region.  That means you can, for example, search for only Australian or European regions.

In the near future we plan other countries with large english speaking populations where tabletop games are also popular.  France and Germany are the most likely additions at this time.  While it's true there are other countries with large english speaking populations but we've never seen any hard data about gamers in those countries.  Feel free to send links to articles that might prove us wrong.

You can search for Local Gamers from 1 to 90 miles of you.  You can also search for Online Gamers only. 

There are also Game Groups both local and online only.  Other members find new gaming connections through our Conventions & Local Events pages.

Once you have put in your postal code, you can search the Player Finder or Group Finder for other gamers near you.  It's easy, give it a try!

Our text editor is a Markdown Editor.  It does not accept BBCode or HTML, in fact those codes are either removed or appear as plain text after you save your text entry.  This editor is used in your Gamer Profile, Group Profiles, Feedback, messages to other gamers and when adding or editing conventions and other Events.

Markdown syntax has been slowly replacing the formerly popular BBCode in text editors for the last few years.  For details on its history and a little information on how to use Markdown in case you don't want to use the editor buttons, check out the Wikipedia entry on Markdown.

Click or touch your name in the top right corner of your screen, then select Edit My Profile.  Then select Basics Change Password.

Ideally your password should be something easy for you to remember but difficult for someone else to guess.

Our Simple Password Rules

  1. Your password should be from 8 to 64 characters in length.
  2. It can be any combination of words, numbers or special characters.
  3. We don't force you to use numbers or special characters.
  4. We recommend a combination of words between 12 to 64 characters.
  5. Don't use any of your previous passwords.

Make it Easy to Remember

A password like Tr0ub4dor&3 or wYh#+Vz@T7X8C9 is a pain to remember.  It's much easier to remember a password like correcthorsebatterystaple isn't it?  For a better understanding of what this means, check out this XKCD comic .

But Why?

If you are a techie or developer, you probably hate sites with weird password requirements as much as we do.  Just in case you need some ammo to convice your team and your pointy-haired boss, you might want to read a breakdown of the NIST Guidelines.  You can read about those guidelines in Naked Security on Sophos .  There is also a great bullet point summary of them at Spycloud .  We're going to try to follow the Nist Guidelines here. 

The Remember checkbox is an option for your browser to remember your Find Gamers username and password on that specific login screen only.  Find Gamers doesn't support a Keep me Logged In feature at this time. 

The Remember checkbox on the Find Gamers login is for your Find Gamers username and password, not Facebook's username and password. 

If you click the Or login with: Facebook icon on the Find Gamers log in page, then a new web page will load.  You have then temporarily left Find Gamers and are now on Facebook where you type in your Facebook username and password. That option for Keep me logged in is for Facebook, not Find Gamers.  If you are having trouble with the Facebook login screen, you might have Facebook cookies blocked.  After the login process with Facebook, you are then returned to Find Gamers.

The short answer is no.  But in the long run it really depends on the adoption of logins through cellphone SMS.  The biggest impediment we would face in adoption of this type cool technology is it's cost.  Services would charge us for sending you those cellphone text messages.

To clear things up for people who haven't heard of this technology, let me explain.  When you log into a site, you'd use your cell phone number.  Then a password would be sent to you via text message. 

Apparently, Adblock Plus can remove Font Awesome brand icons with their Remove Social Media Buttons setting.  Try turning that setting off and all of our site icons will come back.  We've also run into occasional problems with uBlock as well, check your settings and reload the page as you make changes.

You'd request them via the Feedback form, remember to select the correct category. 

Please Consider First

  • Make certain it isn't already listed in FG's Games & Genres page.
  • Take a moment and decide how popular it is, make certain to include that info in your Feedback.
  • Include the exact game and publishers names when requesting a new Game System.  Include a url if you can.
  • When requesting a new Genre, please explain it in detail and make certain it's not already covered by another genre.

It only takes 15 Yes votes to add them to our site.  About half of the requests to add Game Systems & Genres never happen.  Sometimes we just wait to see who else might be interested.  Other times the game doesn't have a large player-base.  Even Maelish (the site's admin) has games he loves that are not in the list.  Members often ask why we don't just add them all.  It is because the list would be annoyingly cumbersome to dig through. 

In the future, we plan on allowing our members to vote on new Game Systems & Genres.

Its how you describe your interests as a gamer.  It is also where you can change your password and email.

When people search for gamers in your area, your interests in game systems and genres appear next to your alias.  For instance, if you only select Miniatures Wargames there won't be any RPG game systems or RPG Genres listed in your Gamer Bio.

We use your Postal Code and those of your fellow gamers to determine your distance from each other.  When you search for gamers, game groups or events like conventions we always list the Postal Code or the name of the city or town.

We will never ask for your personal address or phone number.

As of right now: Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United States.  USA islands and territories like Micronesia, Guam and sunny Saint Croix in the US Virgin Islands are in our database as well.

If your country has been saved incorrectly, go to your Gamer Profile under Basics on the Personal Info tab.  Click here to go straight there.

Nope, not at this time.  There are quite a few identical post code systems for different countries, for example France and Germany use the same system as the United States. 

At some point we'll add more countries along with features to ask you which specific countries post code you are using. 

Usernames can only be changed by an admin.  However if you want to change your username to something else, send feedback and let us know. 

There are three requirements:

  1. The username must not be in-use to another member.
  2. A simple explanation of why you want to change your name.
  3. Don't make a habit of requesting name changes.

You can login using your email address. 

Some people have a lot to say and unfortunately it eats up a lot of page space.  Those comments only get clipped off on the Player Finder pages, never on their full Gamer Biography.

Nope, not at all.  But it's probably smarter if you are.  If you are interested in being contacted by other gamers, then being Available (LFG) is certainly in your best interest.  Being unavailable won't keep you from searching the Player Finder or Group Finder pages, nor will it keep you from sending messages.

But, being Available (LFG) is what makes you appear in Player Finder searches and allows other gamers to send you First Contact messages from those search pages.  Once you've exchanged messages, either of you can contact the other user even after changing to UnAvailable by responding to that user's Inbox message.

It's also important to be available if you have created a group too.  Because no one can contact you if you're set to unavailable.  Anyone who tries will see a message that says, This user is not available for First Contact messages.

To switch your availability setting, first log-in then go to Profile Basics in your Gamer Profile.

Your personal avatar is an image that appear next to your name in searches (Player Finder) and other places.  Current member avatars are limited to Gravatar.

There are only three possible reasons your avatar will appear as a randomly generator monster. 

  1. You don't have a Gravatar account.
  2. Your email address does not match.  The email address here on Find Gamers and on the Gravatar must be the same.
  3. Your avatar's rating, it can be either G, PG, R or X.  We only allow G & PG rated avatars.  If your avatar falls into the R or X category, then we won't render it for our members. 

There have been some very rare situations where Gravatar has incorrectly rated a user's avatar.  So we advise you check your rating on the Gravatar website just in case.  Sorry guys, we try to stay family friendly in this regard.

Every user has a public profile page.  You can find yours at far top right of the page by selecting your name, then My Public Biography.  These pages are a way to advertise who you are as a tabletop gamer (roleplayer, wargamer etc) to the world.  You can post the URL of your page on a forum or use the social media icons on your public biography page.  It allows you to promote yourself in forums or on popular sites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter or Google+. 

Although someone can see your public profile, it does not mean they can contact you from it.  Other members can only First Contact you from a search page or respond to a message you've sent them from their inbox.

Additionally, game groups in the Group Finder also have shareable public pages.  They can also be shared through url or social media buttons.

The short answer is Yes.  However we don't have a selectable list of those games in your Public Gamer biography.  Members with those interests would be encouraged to talk about them in About Me.  It is found in Edit My Profile at the top right of your screen, then Basics Profile Basics

These Roleplaying Preferences are meant to be a practical way to help define you as a player.  Unfortunately the exact definitions are often loudly debated, even among the gamer groups I asked to help me with the definitions below.  As with other types of interests, your own change over time.  Most gamers evolve over time, what makes you happy now probably won't be quite right in a year or two.

These are not listed in any special order.  I've been asked to expand this list to include other RPG interests, however this list is only the preferences we use in your Gamer Profile.

  • Railroad refers to a game that is linear that rigidly follows a pre-generated adventure the GM has planned to use. The players aren't really allowed to follow their whims to take the game into other directions.
  • Sandbox games don't follow linear adventures. The players decide how their characters would do things more organically, it's more of a choose-your-own-adventure. As the players decide what they want to do. The GM dynamically creates the game as the players make their choices in the game.
  • Political literally means that you enjoy politics in games. Maybe you want to play out a part of the power struggles between kingdoms. Very few people actually seem to enjoy political aspects in-game, it is probably the opposite of the beloved hack-n-slash game.
  • Roleplaying suggests that you are into character immersion, literally playing the role. You try to stay in character at the game table and carefully consider how your character would do things, not yourself. This style of play often leans toward character socialization and immersion.
  • Hack-n-Slash is a playstyle that emphasizes combat. As a player, you'd enjoy violent scenes in games where a character is hacking and slashing their way through enemies. While this playstyle might couple well with Tactical, it can clash with more immersive play styles.
  • Story Driven is also known as plot narrative-driven. It means the game's story itself is very important. The game's plot and events make things fascinating. Intrigue and mystery based storylines are in this category as are some Railroad games.
  • Tactical games are battle oriented but not necessarily Hack-n-Slash. These types of games tend to include heavily planned combat sessions by the players. In some games, the roleplaying aspect is only lightly touched upon. The players might even enjoy designing characters for specific combat situations.
  • Casual Gamers are here to have fun and get away from the stress of real life. If you ask too much of them, they will feel like your demands remind them too much of their real-life job.
  • Power Gamers are the types of players who enjoy heavily engaging with the game system's mechanics in such a way to empower themselves through their character. They may not define roleplaying as a way to achieve their goals, preferring to focus on their character's success as they define it.
  • Crunchy refers to game system rules. It comes from the term Number Crunching, so it refers to game systems with more complexity. Systems with more roll mechanics or layers of complexity would qualify.
  • Lightweight refers to game system rules. It means there are very few rules to the game system's mechanics and depending on the system, far fewer dice rolls during sessions.

Absolutely!  If you click their Contact button you can leave them a message on Find Gamers.  We'll send them an email notification for you.  This lets them know somebody has left a message on Find Gamers for them.  They will see your username once they've received your messages but won't be able to email you back directly.  They can only respond to you within Find Gamers.  Your email address is always hidden from other members.

Only share your contact information when you feel its safe to do so.  We suggest meeting at a neutral location like a coffee shop if you want to meet another gamer in person.

First Contact messages are tied directly to a setting in your Gamer Profile called Available.  When your Gamer Profile appears in another members search, they have an option to send you a First Contact message by selecting Contact About Gaming.  The same option appears on other pages like Group Finder. 

After First Contact, members you've messaged can then respond to you.  Once you message another member, they can always respond to you even if you aren't available for First Contact messages.

It allows you to politely decline a message from another gamer without typing a response.  When you aren't sure how to respond or feeling uncomfortable about a First Contact, just click Auto-Decline and Find Gamers will send a form letter rejection.

Find Gamers does keep a record of your sent messages.  To see them, go into your Inbox and click on Sent to see the message you've sent to other gamers.

We'd prefer you didn't.  You will never be able to recover lost a password or know when other members are trying to contact you about gaming.

There are only two reasons I can think of for using a temporary email address.  Those are privacy and spam.  Find Gamers will not sell your email address to any person or company.  The settings to turn off most notifications are in the Faq question just below this one.

Honestly, temporary email accounts cause us a lot of grief.  We'd love it if you used a real email address.  Even university email accounts are temporary for many of our members, those email gets bounced quite often. 

After 1 year of not reading a message from another member, they will expire and are deleted from your inbox.  There are several reasons for this.  But primarily they were deleted because you didn't read them.  Find Gamers sends a notification to you when another member tries to contact you. 

If you haven't read some message(s), you'll be sent email reminders them – unless you've turned off your reminders in your Gamer Profile.  Also, after a year that message probably isn't going to be credible any more.

Messages you've already read won't usually be deleted.  If you are concerned about losing a message, you can turn it into a Marked Messages in your Inbox.  Those will never be deleted.

We send you emails automatically for a few different reasons.

  • Someone has just sent you a new message.
  • You have unread messages.
  • Your Game Group is 8 months old and about to expire.
  • You haven't updated your Gamer Profile.
  • The Event you are managing has had new comments.

It's easy to change how often Find Gamers sends you messages.  You can even stop them completely most of the time.  The settings are in your Gamer Profile.  Just mouse-over your name (tap your name on tablets) in the top right corner of the screen, select Edit My Profile then go to Basics then Website ConfigurationYou can jump straight to them by clicking/selecting this sentence.

Try adding [email protected] to your list of approved senders, filters or as a saved contact. 

Ironically this problem is sometimes caused by other members who don't take the time to turn off notications in their Gamer Profile.  Instead they just report Find Gamer emails as spam.  This happens most often with Yahoo & Aol email addresses. 

The frequency of emails from Find Gamers vary by type but it is something you can control.  If you're getting too many emails, just change the settings.  You can jump straight to them by clicking/selecting this sentence. On that page, look at the section titled Email Reminders, you'll see each setting with information about them.

If you don't log into your account for long periods, the time between email reminders will automagically increase.  For instance, after 5 Months your Unread Message reminders will change to 30 days.  Eventually they will stop entirely.  However if you login after being gone for more than 1 year, your Unread Message notifications will reset to 14 days.

The automatic changes to the time frames mentioned here are estimated based on member activity and could be changed at any time. 

Remember that rudeness isn't necessarily harassment.  Most of the time someone being rude or harassing you will likely just go away on their own IF you ignore them and never respond to them.

When repeated harassment occurs - Do not delete any messages from that person from your Inbox.  On the left side of the screen, click Feedback and send us a message.  Be as detailed as possible.  Please include the username and date of the emails in your feedback.

Members with patterns of harassment could have their accounts limited, suspended, or blocked.

coming soon....

Oh heck no!  In fact advertisers will never get your personal information directly from us.  There are a lot of advertising programs out there that want to buy email lists.  I am definately against that sort of thing because I wouldn't want it done to me either.  Find Gamers was built to give you certain levels of anonymity and we'll work at keeping it like that.

Any data ever sold or given away (I really doubt either will ever happen) would be entirely generic and anonymous.  For example: If Wizards of the Coast asked how many of our members in New Orleans play D&D 5e but also like the Horror genre, then I could find the numbers.  But we also might give this type of data to a game publisher (or a popular game news site) for free if they recommended Find Gamers and include a few back-links in their story or publication.

I don't like having them either.  However I am hundreds dollars in the red over the years and who knows how many work hours.  If Find Gamers can make enough money to pay host costs, upgrades etc - then the site will stay up in perpetuity and I'll keep adding features for you guys. 

No, I'm not turning off the site any time.  This is just a way to pay the costs I incur for a giving you folks this service.  Also my wife might beat me less... just kidding.

Yes, although you'll need to supply the banners.  I prefer dynamic ad sizes however if you have 120x90, 120x240, 120x600 and 468x60 pre-made ads, then they would work fine.  Price would vary by location and length. 

Find Gamers is only interested in tabletop gaming advertisements or related topics please.

Yes, although you'll need to supply the banners.  I prefer dynamic ad sizes however if you have 120x90, 120x240, 120x600 and 468x60 pre-made ads, then they would work fine.  Price would vary by location and length. 

Find Gamers is only interested in tabletop gaming advertisements or related topics please.

Because it was really cheap and nobody was sitting on the domain name trying to exploit thousands of dollars for it.  Keep in mind that I'm just one guy and this is a hobby site.  I have to pay fees for buying the domain name, hosting fees, the web template plus a few other little fees.  So unfortunately I'm running in the red. 

Also, early on it seemed that I'd only be able to support American gamers due to programming limitations.  Thankfully I've gotten past those, so now I'm aiming toward supporting countries that use english as a primary language.  So if I've missed a country, let me know in Feedback.

I'm just a guy with a hobby site.  I am not a web designer, so I bought a website theme and am squeezing what I can out of it.  Lucky for us the prices of HTML5 website themes have dropped a lot.  When I first started work on Find Gamers themes used to start well over $100 for something that worked but looked horrible.

This theme is based on Bootstrap 3 and is called Metronic.  I'm not wild about the flat Metro look but it's a lot better than most of the alternatives.  Like all things on the internet, I've modded it quite a bit.  In fact, Metronic assumes you will pick a color scheme and menu style and stick to it.  I thought that was boring, that is why you can change your Menu's Theme, Style and Mode in your Gamer Profile under Website Configuration.

Yea.  I'm not a web design professional, graphic artist or anything even close to it.  Sadly none of the folks that I know in the real world with those skills have offered to help either, I think they are busy making money with said skills.  So Find Gamers could always use some polishing up, if it looks ugly then you can in all seriousness blame me.

If you are a gamer who also happens to be one of those awesome things mentioned above and by some wild chance actually want to give me some useful ideas.  Then please do.  I'll think highly of you.  Just in case you are pondering helping, we're using Bootstrap 3.x, Jquery and a lot of luck. 

Lamentably, this will be the most ambiguously inaccurate answer in the faq.  Each time it's updated, the previous answers were not correct.

All of the below are somewhere in the pipeline.  The first few are feature requests from our members.

  1. Player Search with single line entries instead of a block.  Similar to the Group Search.
  2. Temporarily change my postal code.  Intended for gamers who travel for contact work et cetera.
  3. GDPR for Europe.  Quickly followed by full support for France & Germany.
  4. Some small type of advertising revenue, selling t-shirts, stickers or something.  See the Faq section on Ads & Advertising.
  5. Game tools.  Like a diagram generator for npc relationships.
  6. An Android app are being considered.

There are several things to consider.  Below are some of the things I have to ponder before adding a new country.

  • Does the country have a large number of english speakers?
  • How popular is tabletop gaming in this country?
  • Are people asking for help finding other gamers? 
    • Is there already a player finder in that country?
    • Are people in their society struggling?  Working hard to stay afloat?  Or do they a surplus of leasure time?
  • How hard would it be to add the country to the system?

Sorry guys, although I just the royal we a lot, I'm just 1 guy.  Feel free to send me some Feedback and ask about it.  I appreciate that sort of thing.  Just be friendly about it.

Sure.  These are the types of things we're looking for:  A perspective on how to find gamers, a review on a new game system, an interesting news scoop about the gaming industry, reviews of recent conventions, suggestions for surviving/enjoying a convention or tips on getting yourself game-ready for a new group. 

The guidelines are simple.  Entries should be between 100 to 300 words and be well written.  You may include links or linked small images.  The content should be related to and of at least some importance to the tabletop gaming community.  You may quote other sites as long as it's credited in your blog entry, links are fine.  Expect questions about your submission and don't be upset if edits or changes are made or requested.  I'm not the best writer/editor in the world either, my wife sometimes proof reads my stuff.  At least she's kind enough not to ridicule me too much.

If several people make regular contributions I'll rewrite the news pages to accommodate contributors better by updating and creating better editing tools for you.

I sometimes hang out in #rpg-tabletop-devs on Freenode.  Drop by any time.

You can also send me Feedback.  I read them all even if it's impossible to respond to every message.

I use Stablehost.  If you are looking for a good web hosting company, I'd recommend them to you without reservation.  In fact this is my referral link

To say that I am thrilled with them is an understatement.  Not only are they less expensive than my previous hosts, their service level far exceeds any of my previous experiences.  I don't think that I've ever waited more than an hour or two (some were within 15 minutes) for a response to a ticket.  It might have taken more time to fix something but not much. 

They did a cPanel migration that moved all of my settings, crons, ftp & mail accounts along with my entire db in less than an hour.  My site was offline for less than an hour.  My only changes were a single line in my htaccess file and some php code for server detection.  Getting Let's Encrypt's SSL working only took about 30 seconds in cPanel.  The other benefits of Stablehost for me are Mariadb and PHP 7, you can select which version of PHP you need along with selectable extensions in cPanel.

If you do decide to sign up, I'd appreciate it if you use my referral link or the banner ad below.  It'll help me defray costs and upgrade Find Gamers along the way.

NPC Backgrounds with Feeling
  • David Schirduan from the Technical Grimoire for reminding me that I should ignore critics and do things my own way.  And for making it very obvious that a tool can never actually be finished.
  • K Roberts for reminding me that grammar is a real thing.  Wow that was an embarrassing reminder.
  • The Rpgfiend for a wide variety of agreements, disagreements, interesting ideas.  But mainly for always up for being a sounding board.
  • P McNeely for showing me that I'm a terrible coder in the nicest, most polite way possible.
  • The Axelmonster for pointing out some really weird bugaboos, thanks guy!
  • Members of several RPG Discords and Slacks, for remind me that Less really is More. 

This section of the FAQ can never be complete, there are too many of you to thank here.

There are several ways. 

  1. You can share the url of your Public Biography.  If you click on your name at the top right of the page, you'll be able to view yours.
  2. By using the social media icons on your Gamer Biography page.
  3. Other Find Gamers members can share your page as well.  When you appear in a search, they can view your biography page.

So if you want people to know about your gaming interests, it's important to keep your biography up to date.

It's very simple, we tweet about about it for you, follow our tweets at @Find_Gamers.  Then anyone interested can follow the link back to your Group Page.  Members can contact you using the Contact Group button, non-members will need to sign up.  Anyone who doesn't want to take the time to sign-up might not be someone you'd want in your gaming group, right?

You may turn off tweets in the Create Group or Edit Group page for that specific instance.  We will post tweets up to every 15 minutes.  Twitter takes a dim view of repeating tweets.  With that in mind, we limit the frequency of tweets about your group.  Those limits are below.

  • New Groups:  None
  • Updated Groups:  7+ days
  • From the Group Page:  3+ weeks

Tweets from the Group Page are currently limited to a small group of moderators.  Note - you can't game the system by updating your group several times in a row.  New tweets won't be added to the social media queue until the time frames above have passed. 

If we do catch you cheating the system, you can be banned from the social media features.  We're already trying to promote you, there isn't a need to cheat.  If you have an idea how how to promote groups or gamers better, send feedback.  Remember that Find Gamers exists to help you find other gamers, so we're honestly interested in new ideas.

You can also follow the site's tweets at @Find_Gamers.

It's very simple, we tweet about them for you, follow our tweets at @Find_Gamers.  Then anyone interested can follow the link back to your Event Page. 

You may turn off tweets on the Add an Event form for that specific instance.  Unlike with Groups, we don't tweet Events when they are updated.  We will post tweets up to every 15 minutes

For details on the type of Events you can add to Find Gamers, see the question “What type of events can I put in Conventions and Local Events?” in the Faq Section Conventions & Local Events

There are more things in the world than big conventions.  Your local game store might want to have classes on miniature painting or the board gaming group in a nearby suburb might be hosting a tournament.  Someone 2 hours away from one those smaller localized events probably isn't going to be very interested in even knowing about it.  So events that are designated as Local won't appear in the Convention event page.

Conventions are usually larger events that people will actively travel to like Gencon, Origins, Dragoncon or other smaller Conventions like Nashcon.  But when you search for a Local Event, Conventions that happen to fall within the radius search will be shown too.

We'll also tweet your event, read about that in the Social Media section of our Faq.

Absolutely.  Find Gamers is a member driven site, so you can add Conventions and Local Events.  But please remember to check and make certain it has not been added by someone else already, it actually happens more than you'd realize.  Best of all, you'll be the one credited with adding the event when people view it.  Event owners can turn comments on & off depending on need as well.

Google, Bing and Yahoo index our Conventions and Local Events several times per day.  If you are a member of a convention team, it is possible to use your convention page here on Find Gamers as part of your SEO strategy.

Sure.  We recognize that convention organizers are busy people.  If you don't want to create a member account but would like us to add your convention, you can still add a convention to Find Gamers.  We'll review all anonymous conventions before approving them.

We'll Need These Things

  • Event Name
  • Website url
  • Convention or something else?
  • Start & Dates
  • Post Code of your convention.
  • A full description of your convention.  Include the type of convention along with some activities.
  • Contact email
Please don't forget an email contact.  It is very easy to forget small details and the contact email allows us to ask you about specifics.  The email will never be shared with the public. 

If you sign-up, then you can add and later edit all of your convention(s) details. 

Any type of game related event can and should be listed.  They can be conventions, a local game day or a game demo at a nearby game store. 

Types of Events

  • Convention
  • Game Day
  • Roleplaying Game
  • Tournament
  • Charity Event
  • Game Demo
  • Contest
  • Website Event
  • Sales or Closeout
  • Kickstarter
  • Launch/Release
  • Trade Show
  • Other

Let us know if you have an idea for something we haven't thought of adding. 

Yes.  You'll need a Find Gamers membership, so sign up and create an account if you don't already have one.  Then send feedback to me and prove you are one of the convention managers.  You can prove that by having a matching email address that is shown on your convention website or from an email address of the conventions domain name.  If I can contact you there, ownership can be changed to your account.

coming soon....
coming soon....

Only notifications that you might see when on the website. 

Except for the next question, emails are covered in the previous FAQ section.

It's a notification showing you how many unread messages are in your Inbox.  Click on the Inbox on the left menu to read your messages and respond.  If you decide that you aren't interested and don't feel like explaining yourself just click Auto-Decline or you can respond yourself.

The postal code you've saved isn't in our database.  In most cases you've made a typo.  You might also be using a postal code from an unsupported country.

Your postal code is missing, please add it to your Gamer Profile.

Other gamers can't search for you unless you are Available.  Being Unavailable also blocks first contact messages but not replies to previous messages you might have sent.

If you don't want to be searchable at this time, just ignore this notification.

You haven't created a basic Gamer Profile.

If you save some games you enjoy in your profile, this notification will go away.

This notification appears if it's been 6 months since you've updated your Gamer Profile.

Anything updated, added or removed in your profile will remove this notification.

You've selected Game Online in your profile but have not selected a time zone.