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Feedback & Requests

  Feedback Suggestions

  If you need help, please be specific about your problem.  Include your contact email and user-name if you think it's important.

  Include exact names and publishers when requesting a new Game System. 

  When requesting a new Genre, please explain it in detail and make certain it's not already covered by another genre.

  Keep in mind that while many requests to add Game Systems & Genres happen, a lot never do.  Sometimes we just wait to see who else might be interested.

  When requesting a new Find Gamers feature, please be very specific.  Explain why we'd enjoy the new feature.

  If you have found a bug, please paste it in the message when possible.  Always include the page you were on when reporting bugs.

  While we enjoy reading your messages, it isn't always possible to respond to all of them. 

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