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Group Ranked Interests Day Frequency Playing Starts Open
Dark City Roleplaying Multiple Varies Fate Afternoon Yes (6)
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Online Only Group  ( shareable public page)

Looking for Players!!

Come play in our Persistent, play by post, home brew world. A home brew of Apocalypse world games, players can join an ongoing story something like Buffy or one of those shows . Choose a monster or monster hunter and start role-playing today!!! It’s very easy and step by step instructions will help from character creation to gameplay. And the game play is simple too just role play normally and anytime you face interesting opposition to an action you roll the die plus your modifier to see what happens!

Completely on Discord and google drive NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Age 21+ please

Our group is about 20 now but we’re always looking for more players! We just launched too so everyone is making characters etc.

American time zones mostly (some night owls)

Playbooks from monster hearts, monster of the week and mechanics from Fate Core

Ranked Interests Individually ranked from 1 to 5.  Our gaming focus is on Roleplaying (5)
Frequency We play about 2 hours Randomly and Multiple on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Our usual starting time is in the Afternoon (Noon - 6pm).
Looking For We are looking for 6 or more people.  Our Group enjoys gaming with Girls and Guys.
Extra Info We have 0 members.  Our average age is 25.  Currently we're playing Fate.  We also enjoy playing Apocalypse World.
Freshness This group was last updated on Jul 24, 2019.  It will expire from the groups list on Mar 24, 2020.