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Seattle-based 5E DM and player. LFG!

Right now, I'm looking for an experienced 5E group that I can join as a player. I want to be part of a long campaign focused on roleplaying developing characters, and world-building. Looking to share in some drama, comedy, pizza, and beers with good people. If your epic game needs a serious player who doesn't take himself too seriously, let me know!

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  • Location 98102 ( Seattle, WA)
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Systems & Genres Only Selected Interests Appear
RPG Systems Dungeon World, Dungeons & Dragons 5E
RPG Genres Comedy, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Horror, Humor / Satire, Low Magic, Martial Arts, Political, Psionics, Retro / Old School, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi (Hard), Swashbuckling
General Gaming Preferences Only Selected Interests Appear

Short games are less than 1 Hour in length.  Medium games run up from 1 to 3 Hours.  Long games would be 3 to 5 Hours.  Very Long would be 5+ Hours.  Play by Post refers to Play By Mail, Email, Forum et cetera. 

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