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I played AD&D and Star Frontiers as a kid, then Champions was my game of choice for over a decade, then 2nd ed. in my early 20's, all through this time and through my 30's, I was part of a group of close to 20 friends that created our own LARP world and system the we simply called Adventures. Adventures were the primary focus of my imaginative gaming mind for about two decades. I played and enjoyed D&D 3.5 a lot and would like to try Pathfinder. I have also played a few sessions of 5th ed, but am not very experienced with that system yet. Roleplaying was the biggest common element between the different games. I like playing as well as being GM/DM. Nowadays, I spend a lot of time working and commuting. I am a husband. I'm also a dad to a young old son, so my time is pretty limited. I am looking to do some gaming nearby. I like campaigns that require role playing and thinking. Combats can be fun, but straight Hack N Slash gets boring for me. I like interesting worlds that my character can explore with a party. I like interaction in a campaign. I never desire to have my character be crowned as The Lord High Mucky-Muck, but I don't enjoy being the eternal peon either. Somewhere in the middle is fun. That said I like campaigning with a party of players that want to game together, not gaming with über competitive, player killer, rules lawyers. I like fun groups were everyone contributes to creating a good story and so fun time.

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