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Hello everyone, I’m taking the plunge here and trying to find some players to reintegrate my group. I’ve been playing many forms of RPGs since the mid seventies along with various board games as well. I’m a disabled veteran who doesn’t get out very much now but I had a group of people from Fort Hood come to my place every other weekend on Saturdays from 1130 amor so till around 6pm or so. Due to military commitments and the like, my group has imploded and I’m looking for another 6 to 7 players. I currently, for lack of a word here:) am doing a Pathfinder scenario but I have also made a D&D campaign as well(1st and 2nd ed.) As I mentioned I’m disabled as is my wife so I as people if they would be willing to come to my place. I have a nice size garage, for warm days and a nice area inside, for cold days. If anyone is interested in this then drop a line:)

Thanks again..

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