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Imagine a city in the near future, one that survived an alien invasion only to be rebuilt stronger and stranger. Imagine this metropolis enduring transdimensional relocation with whole swaths being replaced with...something else. Imagine a city surviving everything thrown at it.

Now imagine you being one of the heroes tasked with defending such a metropolis.

Science City is a play by e-mail taking place in an original universe inspired by numerous sources such as DC and Marvel, anime, independent comics like Grimjack. Check out the web site to see the wiki as well as the PCs, GMPCs and NPCs to get a feel for the tone. Any questions? Feel free to pitch 'em at me.

Ranked Interests Individually ranked from 1 to 5.  Our gaming focus is on Roleplaying (5)
Frequency We play an Unspecified Number of hours on Saturday.  Our usual starting time often Varies, depending on our schedules or other circumstances..
Looking For We are looking for 2 people.  Our Group enjoys gaming with Girls and Guys.
Extra Info Currently, we have 5 members.  Our average age is around 40.  Currently we're playing a game not listed on Find Gamers
Freshness This group was last updated on Jan 22, 2023.  It expired on Sep 22, 2023.