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Dragonlance was an epic story and it's a great game to re-visit.

There are so many adventures that can still be had in Ansalon and with an imaginative DM the world can even be re-imagined. Which I'm obligated to say that I'm very imaginative.

My game is open to everyone and anyone that's a legal adult because I like to mix in some adult themes. Rest assured that the themes are not going to be too spicy but they will raise an eyebrow or two.

Everyone starts at 3rd level and I prefer that there not be any major racial class restrictions or level limits. Hey, I think it's cool that an elf wants to be a cavalier but a kender being a lawful good paladin might be a bit of a stretch.

I'm hoping to make this a bi-weekly game meeting on discord. : https://discord.gg/E5nA7Yf Friday, Saturday or Sunday work great for me but I'm open to re-arranging my schedule for a good group of players.

Ranked Interests Individually ranked from 1 to 5.  Our gaming focus is on Roleplaying (5)
Frequency We play about 5 hours every two weeks on Friday.  Our usual starting time often Varies, depending on our schedules or other circumstances..
Looking For We are looking for 4 people.  Our Group enjoys gaming with Girls and Guys.
Extra Info Currently, we have 0 members.  Our average age is around 30.  OSRIC  We also enjoy playing an Unlisted Game.
Freshness This group was last updated on May 09, 2020.  It expired on Jan 09, 2021.