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Hey there! My name is bearking, but you can call me Cary. I'm a professional improv actor and voiceover actor, but my favorite thing to do in my spare time is tell fantastical stories using Pathfinder or 5e Dungeons and Dragons. I have written countless homebrew campaigns, and as other redditors I've drawn into my games can attest, they run quite to the side of high concept and high fantasy (and high effort. Haha) Still, there are a lot of really great, unique, and enthralling rpgs out there that I haven't gotten to try, that deserve at least a try.

On that note, recently, itch.io released a bundle for Racial Justice and Equality that features a huge number of fantastic games (they have over 1,600 titles offered right now for less than ten dollars. if you hadn't heard of this before and have some dollars to spare you should go support them asap). Among these titles were a host of table top RPGs of all shapes and colors - GMless games, improv games, GM'd titles, weird horror games, and more. A lot of these titles sound like a crazy amount of fun, and I'll list some summaries of games I'm interested in running, but first let me describe what I'm looking for in players.

I don't have many acquaintances with the same passion for contributing to an amazing story as I do. Great people, and fun to play DnD with, but the kind of people who'd rather you write their backstory for them. Ultimately, I'm looking to put together a club of anywhere from 5 - 10 people of all walks of life who just love being a part of a great game with each other. Experience with roleplay or improv are not important to me - just a love for storytelling and empathy for the other people at the table. If you have either of these things, you will make a great addition to the group! Also, preferably, at least one free weekend sometime... Haha. :D

Before we continue: Please let me be clear that I am dedicated to making sure that this club will be a safe space for all people involved, and will be LGBTQ+ friendly. Some of the games I'd like to have the group experiment with involve horror, drama, and all sorts of vulnerable or intense situations, so I will be setting up safety tools for use in every game to make sure that every player is not just comfortable, but actively enthusiastic about the direction of the story. We will begin with some of the less intense (but just as interesting) games so that everyone can establish a level of trust and camaraderie with each other and allow for mor

Ranked Interests Individually ranked from 1 to 5.  Our gaming interests are Roleplaying (5), Board (4) and Larp (4)
Frequency We play an Unspecified Number of hours on Saturday.  Our usual starting time often Varies, depending on our schedules or other circumstances..
Looking For We are looking for 6 or more people.  Our Group enjoys gaming with Girls and Guys.
Extra Info Currently, we have 4 members.  Our average age is around 25.  Currently we're playing a game not listed on Find Gamers
Freshness This group was last updated on Nov 15, 2020.  It expired on Jul 15, 2021.