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This will be a spoof campaign based on most fantasy RPG stereotypes. We will use ZOOM for most sessions. Terra has several islands and cities. Custom Races are allowed and we will adapt them to the campaign.

Ranked Interests Individually ranked from 1 to 5.  Our gaming focus is on . 
Frequency We play about 2 hours every two weeks on Friday and Sunday.  Our usual starting time is in the Evening (6pm - 10pm).
Looking For We are looking for 5 people.  Our Group enjoys gaming with Girls and Guys.
Extra Info Currently, we have 0 members.  Our average age is around 17.  Basic Roleplaying (BRP)  We also enjoy playing Basic Roleplaying (BRP) and Dungeons & Dragons 3.5E.
Freshness This group was last updated on Apr 29, 2021.  It expired on Dec 29, 2021.