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I am the GM of our Savage Worlds group. Due to personal matters I no longer have time to dedicate to running a game. Another player in the group, who is also a GM, wants to step up and take over while I get things back in order.

Our group stresses character backgrounds and roleplaying. Dice rolling and tactical combat are also a thing we like to explore, but due to online limitations, Our group tries to make sure combat serves a purpose to the greater story. We don't want to have combat just to have combat. There is plenty of opportunities to roll dice though, especially if you are trying to trick a guard into believing you are allowed into the castle.

We are currently looking for more players. Once we have interest, we can discuss the theme, setting and other details.

If you are interested in learning more about Savage Worlds, go to the official website.

We want gamers who are consistent, but also wants to have fun. We don't want to discuss 'current events' or 'politics' in the real world, but we will obviously have 'fantasy politics' if it fits into the story we are telling. We want an environment that players feel comfortable with roleplaying their characters without real world judgements. That means certain topics might be uncomfortable, but it is in pursuit of telling a good story.

This is a group for mature gamers (not necessarily graphic or gross) because of the content we may explore. Some games can be fun and silly too, as that all depends on the players more than me the GM.

Reach out to me if you are interested in joining or learning more.

[email protected]

Ranked Interests Individually ranked from 1 to 5.  Our gaming interests are Roleplaying (5), Board (3) and Card (3)
Frequency We play about 4 hours Two-Weeks and Weekly on Wednesday.  Our usual starting time is in the Evening (6pm - 10pm).
Looking For We are looking for 0 people.  Our Group enjoys gaming with Girls and Guys.
Extra Info Currently, we have 0 members.  Our average age is around 40.  Savage Worlds  We also enjoy playing Star Wars and Traveller (Classic).
Freshness This group was last updated on Jan 21, 2024.  It will expire from the groups list on Sep 21, 2024.