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Rare opportunity for a mature Investigators urgently required to join existing team fighting Cthulhu mythos every Sunday evening 7pm – 9 pm GMT. Using CoC 7e and set in the 1920s the Investigators are currently learning via single scenarios. However, early 2019 will see an increasing development towards campaign playing ( A time to harvest, Horror on the Orient Express, Masks of Nyarlathotep etc). We would welcome applicants, including those new to Call of Cthulhu, as we are particularly looking at investigators who focus on commitment, roleplay and reliability and are here for for the long haul. Please leave a message and we can arrange a chat to answer all questions. Regards Harry

We play using Roll 20 and Discord for communication.# Mature Investigators urgently required for Call Of Cthulhu 7th Ed (UK based)

Ranked Interests Individually ranked from 1 to 5.  Our gaming focus is on Roleplaying (5)
Frequency We play about 2 hours Weekly on Sunday.  Our usual starting time is in the Evening (6pm - 10pm).
Looking For We are looking for 1 person.  Our Group enjoys gaming around the campfire.
Extra Info Currently, we have 5 members.  Our average age is around 30.  Call of Cthulhu 
Freshness This group was last updated on Jan 08, 2019.  It expired on Sep 08, 2019.