Emails, Aol and My Thinning Hair

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  • By: Maelish
  • 07/10/2015 10:39 am

It's come to my attention that a small percentage of users haven't been getting emails from Find Gamers.  This affects notifications about messages from other users and password reset information.  After doing some digging and subsequently pulling the hair out of my head in repeated frustration, I discovered that AOL is blocking those emails.  Ironically enough they own several hosting companies where other user's email domains reside as well.  So those emails aren't reaching users either. 

Ironically Google Gmail is fine.  Also all emails going to domains hosted by Google are getting through without a problem.  For that matter pretty much everyone else is getting their email as well.  Too bad Google doesn't have a hair restoration product to save me from AOL, they seem to have everything else at the moment.

Still - this is pretty frustrating for me since it keeps a couple dozen of you from getting email notifications from Find Gamers.   I've contacted the AOL postmaster service but they blame somebody else.  The somebody else blames guess who... somebody else and the circle of blame continues.   I am trying a few tricks on my end and our hosting provider is looking into solutions too.  However if nothing gets fixed soon I'll probably start sending the automated messages through a 3rd party email provider like Mail Chimp or something similar because ironically AOL doesn't block them.

So I'll try to keep everyone up to date on this issue and hopefully have an update for you next week.  Keep an eye on this new entry for new information.

UPDATE (8/4/15)

It looks as though we're finally got AOL, MSN and Hotmail to accept emails.  Holding onto my `woot` until I'm certain.

UPDATE (8/18/15)

99.999% of all emails are now reaching users.  Some occasional password resets were not.  A new fix is in place that should catch those and send them correctly.  All of the bad emails end up in my inbox but remember that you can send feedback without being logged if you continue to have trouble.  


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