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  • By: Maelish
  • 01/05/2016 11:43 am

Much to my surprise, Online Gaming is a very popular feature among our gaming throngs.  As of today 20.9% of our registered users are interested in playing some type of tabletop gaming online.  This suggests the folks who develop online gaming software and websites were pretty smart to do so.  It also suggests a turning point for gaming overall and might in the very near future change the way roleplaying game systems are developed.  I wouldn't be surprised if we see rules modifications or whole chapters devoted to modifying your favorite games for online play.  

It's likely you've noticed that some board games and wargames are already ready for play online.  For instance:  Battletech is the #1 ranked wargame here at Find Gamers (49%) and there are already several turn based applications you can use to destroy your friends mechs online.  Don't forget there are a slew of board games playable online as well, check the Board Games section on Steam if you don't believe me.  I won't be surprised to see changes in other popular tabletop games within the next 10 years take advantage of the technology changes.

Changing the topic a bit - Over the Christmas holiday, I worked on a a few little things that should add up to a better user experience for all of us.   There is now a friendly welcome message for new users delivered to your inbox during new member sign-up.  New member information was cleaned up and clarified a bit in several locations.  And of course there were lots of little bugs fixed around our site, most visibly a math bug in the Fantasy Coin Calculator.  

But the most interesting update was the addition of Online Only as a location for Events.  You can now add online conventions, sales & closeouts or web site events in general.  You can even add your own Kickstarter Events to Find Gamers.  If online events are popular, it'll get it's own search page in the future.


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