Feature Creep
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  • By: Maelish
  • 02/05/2016 08:49 am

I patched the site yesterday (2/4) to allow members to be logged in longer.  Apparently it worked great - until it didn't.  Luckily only a very few people were affected by the weirdness, I blame the Geek Zombie.  

I've figured out what happened and I'm testing a fix with only myself as the guinea pig.  In the meantime, the extended login times are turned off.  When the bug is completely fixed, this news article will either be updated or disappear.  Either way you'll know it has been fixed.

The good news is that once I make sure it works as designed, you'll be able to stay logged-in for days instead of hours.  Why am I doing this at all?  That is an easy answer, it is because some of our members asked for it.  I love adding new features for you guys.  The peculiar thing is that our early adopters, meaning the first 500 members, were very vocal about adding features and more games & genres.  I'm surprised with so many more members that the requests for new things has really slowed down.  So remember that Find Gamers is still interested in doing more for it's members.  If you have a good idea, you just have to ask.

Update 2/5 6:00 pm

There was another bug keeping everyone from reading their email.  Yes, it was related to the earlier patch.  It was fixed thanks to a quick note from member DukeofVandals.  If you find that you cannot log in, delete the cookie called findgamers_user in your browser and you should be golden.  If there are any more problems, send me feedback.  Thanks guys!

Update 2/8 9:00 am

Everything now appears to be working correctly.  Thanks for your patience guys.  We are now live with extended log-ins.  They only last 24 hours right now but will be extended when I'm sure they are still working right, probably by the end of this week.


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