Soft Launch

  • News Category: General
  • By: Maelish
  • 04/24/2013 04:11 pm
Hey gamers!  Welcome to the soft launch of  This site specializes in helping USA based gamers find other people to roll dice and roleplay.  Looking for other people to play RPG (Role-Playing Games) with?  Or maybe your thing is Miniatures Based Wargames?  We want to be the one place you'd go to find a new bunch of gamers to roll a few dice with.

Find Gamers sorts all gamers by their Zip Code.  That way only gamers who live near you show up on local searches.  But we do have a way to list Online Gamers only just in case.   Want to get started?  Sign up and then create your own gamer biography.  Select the games you are interested in and the genres you enjoy playing.  If you don't see a game system you'd like to list, send some feedback and we'll look into it.  Once that's done then you can search for gamers in your area or wait for requests to come to you.  Just remember to make yourself Searchable.

Do you have a local gaming event you'd like to advertise?  Maybe your local game store has a class on creating terrain?  Just add it to the Events Calendar.  Our goal is to support the local gamers in your home town.

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