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Life is like a box of chocolate Squigs

  • News Category: General
  • By: Maelish
  • 03/03/2015 09:12 am

Just a little note to apologize to you guys for so few updates lately.  My life, like many of yours is just nuts sometimes.  So while building the new version of Find Gamers I am trying to sell my home and house hunt for a new one.  My wife has also had the kidney stone from the lower planes of hell during this adventure.  So all of that is slowing things down a tinsy bit and naturally it's all my fault.  :-)

Still, if you would like to see some screen shots of the new version (coming soon to a web browser near you), just go over to the Find Gamer's Facebook Page and take a look, I hope you'll be impressed.  The focus is on making the site more feature rich but easier to use.  For instance, there will be Sent Messages so you can easily read messages you've sent to other gamers. 

I've been considering how to add Board & Card games to the site.  Unlike other branches of tabletop gaming, there are thousands of board games out there and it would be impossible to include enough to make folks happy.  But it would be nice to give you guys some options and eventually include a way to search for gamers who enjoy playing them.  So I'll be adding a new section on Board & Card Game Preferences.  Right now I'm considering these preferences: American, European, Dice, Card, City Builder, Cooperative & Competitive.  Any feedback from you on new types of Preferential Categories would be amazing. I look forward to your comments.

One of the other new features I've added for the upcoming FG version are Site Preferences. You'll be able to change the Font Size of the site (great for people with high-res monitors & folks with bad eyesight) and change the main menu styles to accommodate your personal interests. There are also options to control how often you get email notifications about specific things.

Also like the new gaming preferences mentioned above, there will be a new way to expand your Gamer Profile by rating your interests in specific Roleplaying Playstyle Preferences.  Those are things like Sandbox, Casual Gamer and Hack‑n‑Slash.  Only the ones you select interest in will appear in your expanded Gamer Profile.


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