Find Gamers Attacked But No Critical

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  • By: Maelish
  • 05/31/2015 01:58 pm

Last week on 5-27 we were attacked by a group that identified themselves as Muslim Corporation Cyber, a pro-palestinian hacker group.  What they have against gamers - who knows, maybe they don't like dice or something.  

We were down for days waiting on our provider Hostgator to do a security analysis AND we're still waiting for them to get around to it.  

  1. It doesn't appear the database was touched, however all site and security passwords were changed within hours of the breach.  
  2. However as a safety precaution  All User's Passwords have been scrambled.  
  3. This means everybody including myself have to use the password recovery process to get back into their accounts.
  4. It works fine, I just used it to recover my own account.  
  5. If you have problems, send feedback.
  6. If you have other questions, leave them as comments in this new article.

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    Maelish at 06/02/2015 06:31 pm Nearly 7 days later and Hostgator responds with a form email. All they apparently did was remove 4 files, no notification about how it happened. Luckily I figured it out last weekend and fixed it. Ah well, life goes on.
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    cjtravis13 at 06/25/2015 04:26 pm Fine and well, used password recovery to get in, now how do I cahnge my password to something I can remember...?
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    Maelish at 07/01/2015 06:40 pm Log in then mouse over your name in the top right and click on My Gamer Profile. Then click on Basics and Change Password.
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