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Feature Creep
  • News Category: Feature Creep
  • By: Maelish
  • 05/01/2013 09:10 am
Game Masters and other Convention Volunteers rejoice!  I've created a new feature just for you.  Tired of no one signing up for your games or events?  Ever feel like you want to advertise your special event to get word out before the convention starts?  Sure a lot of conventions will list a time and maybe a title of your event but do you ever get to sell the event ahead of time? 

Well I have a solution for you. :-) Find Gamers has a feature that allows YOU to list your own game and advertise it here for free. Just find your convention under Event Calendar, select Games and Events and post all your events here. When people ask about your game, just give them the url to either the convention or your game and they can read about it here.

If you work with a convention that doesn't have a robust web site, feel free to post your Event Schedules here on FindGamers.

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