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  • By: Maelish
  • 02/27/2021 02:22 pm

Hello gamers.  

Today we released a new DM/GM generator for fantasy gamers called NPC Backgrounds with Feeling.  Not everyone is comfortable creating NPC backgrounds off the top of their head.  This web tool is intended to give you a great start in fleshing out real characters who feel more like living, breathing members of your game world.  

Our focus is on giving NPCs their own personality traits that can make them feel like separate individuals.  They can have different backgrounds or occasionally maybe even the same.  Some people do frequently have the same or similar life experiences, like surviving a raid on your village.

There are a variety of options to modify the types of NPCs generated.  Job types, name types, size of their Home Location or even special Groups like Traders or all females.  You can even have their livelihood or name generated as a underline blank to be filled in later.

Each feature about the NPCs is randomized.  But you can increase the odds of more personality traits by adjusting Random Complexity.  It will affect the odds of certain types of traits occurring.  Those include their personality and nature as well as backgrounds, fears, quirks or even hobbies.  

You can find NPC Backgrounds with Feeling on our menu under NPCs, Coins & Tools or by clicking it in this sentence.

Hopefully this tool with help a few of you out.  I'd appreciate a message in Feedback if that's true.


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