Upcoming Migration & Maintenance

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  • By: Maelish
  • 02/18/2016 09:39 am

In the next few weeks Find Gamers will be migrating to a new hosting provider.  During a migration, unexpected delays and service interruptions sometime occur.  So I felt the need to get the word out a little bit early and inform our members of the coming hiccup in service.  

On migration day you won't be able to reach the login page.  This means you won't be able to log-in, sign-up or recover your passwords during the migration period until it is complete.  If we're lucky it will take less than 24 hours.  The biggest bump in the road is DNS Propagation, it is the one hitch that can push us out to, or past that 24 hour limit.  

Before migration starts, there will be a big bold red letter notice near the top of the main page.  

I imagine some of you are wondering why we're migrating to a new provider.  There are several reasons.  

  1. I want to provide better SSL to our members, meaning better and more secure https connections.  
  2. The new hosting company responds to technical issues within hours and does not take a full week to respond.  This is a HUGE issue.
  3. Costs for providing you this free service will be easier on my wallet.  Many of you are scratching your heads because you've noticed ads on some pages.  Sadly, the money generated by those ads over the past few months wouldn't pay for a month of service, much less a year.  

Find Gamers is a labor of love from a tabletop gamer who has been roleplaying and wargaming for about 30 years.  I won't give up providing this great player finder service for our community anytime soon.  I hope you'll share our site with everyone you know.


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