Migration to Stablehost Complete

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  • By: Maelish
  • 03/09/2016 08:59 pm

Migration to our new host appears to have gone well.  If you see anything odd, don't hesitate to send a feedback message to Maelish.


Below is a post that was removed from reddit's r/webhosting even though it was receiving positive votes and broke no rules.  It surprised me and irritated me.  I can only assume the guys running that subreddit must not like Stablehost's success story.


I switched Find Gamers from Hostgator to Stablehost this week. Not only was it painless, my yearly hosting fee was about 40% what it was before.

Hostgator often takes 3 to 6 days to answer any technical issues you might have. Stablehost is answering questions far quicker, usually within 15 minutes and no more than 2 hours for more complex issues.

They did a cPanel migration that moved all of my settings, crons, ftp & mail accounts along with my entire db in less than an hour. My site was offline for less than an hour. My only changes were a single line in my htaccess file and some php code for server detection.

One of my motivations was a to preserve my SEO with good SSL since Google is using it to rank sites now. And since I use Cloudflare as my free CDN it was easy to start that process last year when I configured Flexible SSL on Cloudflare and changed all my html from http to https.

The next step was turning up the free Let's Encrypt SSL in my Stablehost cPanel - took all of about 30 seconds. Then I switched SSL on Cloudflare from Flexible to Strict & turned HSTS on. The whole thing took all of 3 minutes. Should it be shocking with something works so well the first time? It was so easy I kept trying to figure out what I'd missed.

The other benefits of Stablehost for me are Mariadb and PHP 7. The only drawback for me is that they do not allow remote sql connectivity, so I'll need to upload large db changes via ftp. However support has told me they will aid in db import if I have trouble. Hostgator had flatly refused to upgrade PHP to 5.6. However Stablehost allows you to click and select which version in cPanel along with whatever extensions you select.


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