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Feature Creep
  • News Category: Feature Creep
  • By: Maelish
  • 04/18/2016 09:54 am

Trying to find a new player or two for my own tabletop gaming group has made me realize that Find Gamers needed a new option for gaming groups.  People post information about their groups on forums or sites like Reddit's /r/LFG or in Facebook's Adventurers For Hire when they are searching for new players.  But re-typing that information can get tiring after a bit.  But did you know that Find Gamers has publicly shareable links for all of our Local and Online Groups.  Anyone can share the url for groups that you own or have found in a search.  

Like our Public Gamer Biographies, you don't need to log-in to read the page.  Plus there are social buttons for Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Reddit.  So be sure to use this as an option to share information about your game group.

If you have a great idea that would be useful to our members, be sure to pass that along to me in Feedback.  We're always looking for ways to help out gamers, that's why we're here.


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