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Canada & GB postal code updates

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  • By: Maelish
  • 06/23/2016 01:33 pm

Just a few minutes ago Find Gamers postal codes for Canada and Great Britain were updated.  Our members in these countries can now use their full postal codes in their profiles.  If you live in those countries, you should update your postal code asap.  The older, shorter postal codes no longer work.  Members with those older postal codes aren't searchable any longer.

Some examples: AL1 1AG or A0E 2Z0.  These are from Great Britain and Canada respectively, btw don't forget the space.

Within the next few days the instructions on your profile page and during sign-up will be updated.  Members in these countries should get an email notification within the week about these updates.  If you have an a Group, Convention or other Event, please update it as well.

This update comes because our members asked for it.  Hopefully it'll help our members in CA & GB find new gaming buddies.  If these updates are causing you problems, make certain to send Feedback to Maelish.


Wow, I ran into a whole series of unexpected bugs when the data went live.  Funny how it works on my home test server and blows up on the live site.  Many of them have been fixed but I've had to put some limits on the number of postal codes that show up in a search.  The problem with UK postal codes is that they are small, so there are ton of them.  That creates interesting new problems.  In the USA you'll see 300-500 postal codes show up in a search.  But with the UK searches I've seen 3000.  So I had to add some some limits until I work out those bugs.  But it does seem to work.

Update 2:

Searches using postal codes have now been better optimized.  They now only take fractions of second for a page load.  These changes only impact our members in Canada & Great Britain.

If anyone has any problems with this update, let me know through feedback.


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