Even More Postal Codes

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  • By: Maelish
  • 09/01/2016 11:35 am

A new update has gone live this morning (Sept 1, 2016) that should add support for our members almost anywhere in most of the english speaking world.  If you are a member in a location that we've not supported thus far, give it a try.  

However if your postal code is not unique, you might get the wrong results.  For instance, Germany uses the same postal code numbers as the United States.  In all cases, if you search for a german postal code, only an american one will be found.

Update (9/15/2016)

Country detection has been added to the postal code look-up.  This should allow more members from European countries to get the right information in their membership profiles.  As we have more members join from these countries I'll keep testing to make certain your player, group and local event searches are correct.

If you already have an account, re-save your postal code in your Gamer Profile to activate it.  https://www.findgamers.us/my-gamer-profile#personal 

I'd appreciate Feedback if you run into a problem.  Please include any errors, postal code and your country.


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