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  • By: Maelish
  • 07/01/2017 12:02 pm

There is a great resource on Discord for the gaming community called RPG Talk.  It's an active chat community centered around tabletop roleplaying games. They have casual play-by-post games, and channels to talk about your favorite game.  You can also find dedicated channels for lfg (looking for group), pug (pickup groups), crowdfunding, game production and gaming with a whole lot more.

Some of you might remember the community from it's time on Slack.  However recently the community has moved to Discord to take advantage of it's unlimited chat logs.  I personally find it a fun place to hang out with other tabletop gamers.

I hangout on RPG Talk fairly often, so it's a great way to chat with me as well.


Some starting tips for RPG-Talk:

  • After signup you'll automatically join a few channels like #general, #introductions and #off-topic.  Once you log-in for the first time, make certain to say hello in #introductions.  Chances are someone will ask you what games you enjoy playing, it'a a great way to get your toe in the water.  
  • Type /channels in any channel.  You'll get a private message from the RPG Talk Bot with the current channel list.  Joining channels is easy, just type /join channel_1 channel_2 channel_3 etc.  Incidentally I'd keep an eye on that list, it's updated frequently.
  • Don't be afraid to chat with people.
  • Be patient.  Sometimes the channel members you'd like to talk with might be tied up with work or real life.  Other times they might live in other time zones around the world.  If you are trying to get the attention of a specific person in a channel, start by typing @ and their name.  As you type a window will pop up and you can select them.  They'll get a notification that you mentioned them specifically.

Taking a look at the Discord widget below, you can see who is online right now.  But below that is the Connect button, you can click it join.  One last thing:  Although Discord has great support for voice chat, most members of RPG-Talk only uses text-chat.


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