Failure, Irritation and Zero Notification

Feature Creep
  • News Category: Feature Creep
  • By: Maelish
  • 12/04/2017 10:17 am

If you have noticed some weirdness with Find Gamers lately, just know you aren't alone.  Our hosting company decided to convert it's web servers to an entirely different product without notifying it's clients.  The result was like boarding a train to failure and not a little bit of irritation on my part. 

I won't go into all of the details but the site kind of blew up for a few days.  We think everything is working right now.  At this point, the only weirdness might involve our web fonts.  You'll know if they aren't working just by looking at the main menu on the left. 

Try clearing your browser cache if they aren't showing up yet.  If you are still affected, please log-in and then let me know through Feedback.   


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