Updates: Local Player Finder & Test Users

Feature Creep
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  • By: Maelish
  • 01/24/2020 10:29 am

Salutations Gamers!  

We've rolled out a few updates this morning that our members should find useful.

Local Gamers

The first and most important is a major update to the Local Gamers player finder.  The goal was to make the page more useful to our members on mobile phones.   So I'd love some constructive Feedback to know if it's helped our smart phone users.

We recently implemented a few enhancements mentioned in the previous news article.  The new Tab Display options in Saved Settings (formerly called Page Settings)  has been updated further.  They allow you to control the initial volume of information displayed on the search page.  The first row in Tab Display will show the least amount of information initially.  However you can set the page to always merge tabs so it will display more information right away.

Test Users

A few of you might have noticed some extra options in unexpected locations.  It means you were one of the roughly .007% who were chosen by an algorithm to be one of our Test Users.   You get to test new features before our regular members see the updates.  If you see a blue padlock occasionally on a menu or in a page, it means you are currently a Test User.

If I see our Test Users trying out new test features but don't send Feedback, it's assumed there are no problems and it should be released to our other members.

Some of you might be wondering what types of things our Test Users are trying out. 

  • The most recent was the changes to the Local Gamers player finder. 
  • Today a new option on the top menu was added.  It allows members to temporarily change your Postal Code.  Why do that you'd ask?  I had a few members send Feedback asking for this option.  All of these members have jobs where they frequently have extended travel for work.
  • In the next month, Test Users might see a new type of email.  They will only see this email if there are new members in their local area available for gaming.


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