Improve your Game's Background

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  • By: Maelish
  • 09/25/2013 03:10 pm
A lot of GMs enjoy running a very detailed campaign with lots of historical elements.  You've probably played in these games yourself right? Have you ever considered how much of the game is historically accurate?  How much is just Hollywood historical fluff thats made its way into the game?  How much do your players really know about the era you're trying to create for them?  Point in fact, I'll never forget the young gamer who wanted to play in our Capone style gangster campaign but confused it with gangstas.  He'd heard of gangsters from the early 20th century but to him, they were all gangstas and he believed there was no difference.  We know for a fact they are different.  Sure they weren't all Johnny Dangerously but the clothes, speech patterns and their style was radically different from the street hoodlum of today.

Gangsters are organized mobsters who specialize in both blue and white collar crime.  They've been linked to unions and famous businessmen, something you won't find to be true with 'gangstas.'  Altough this might seem a petty thing to be concerned about, you'll find it creeps into historical fantasy and hard science fiction all the time.  Keep in mind that a little research is a cheap way to add new levels of story to your game.

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    Ghostmc at 10/08/2013 01:00 pm Hilarious! What a maroon.
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