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Satire of Sanity (GMT: not specified)
RPG Systems Basic Roleplaying (BRP), Call of Cthulhu, Dark Heresy, Dungeons & Dragons 4E, Firefly, Gurps, Mass Effect, Only War, Paranoia, Pathfinder, Rogue Trader, Star Wars, Twilight: 2000, Vampire: The Masquerade, Warhammer Fantasy, World of Darkness
RPG Genres Action Movie, Comedy, Espionage, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Historical (Alternate), Historical / Period, Horror, Humor / Satire, Low Magic, Martial Arts, Mecha, Military, Modern, Political, Psionics, Pulp, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi (Hard), Steampunk, Storygame, Super Hero, Swashbuckling, Western
Wargames Saga, War of the Ring, Warhammer 40k

Im really interested in playing some tabletop rpgs, but coming from a very socially akward background of sitting by myself playing PC rpgs and 5Ks and 3rd person shooters, my only experience gaming with other people is a single session of Dark Heresy with my far more experienced older brother & his friends which was absolutely awesome. I also enjoy board games and MtG, even though Ive only played it on the computer and have never used all the physical cards I bought 2 years ago.rnI dont really know how to meet other gamers but I would really like to find some group to join. At least for a while Id be happy to play character classes that nobody else wants to. I have some of the books for D&D 4th Ed, Dark Heresy, Only War, and (since my brother moved to the UK for a few years and left me all his tabletop wargaming and RPG books for now) a few other random guides and stuff. Id be cool with trying some other games if I can potentially borrow some form of the guide. And I might be a bit clueless at times, but I am known to do some excellent baking to show appreciation...

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