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Below are Find Gamers members who want be contacted about game opportunities.  They are sorted using Postal Code which lists them by distance from your own.  Within each Postal Code they are sorted by most recent activity.  This means that users most recently interested in being contacted tend to be listed first in each Postal Code.  interests from your own Gamer Profile that match within the profiles below are green.

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Host gm married
RPG Systems Dungeons & Dragons 3.5E, Dungeons & Dragons 5E, Pathfinder, Star Trek, Star Wars
RPG Genres Action Movie, Comedy, Covert Ops, Espionage, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Historical (Alternate), Historical / Period, Humor / Satire, Low Magic, Military, Modern, Religious, Retro / Old School, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi (Hard), Steampunk, Super Hero, Swashbuckling, Western

I enjoy board games, video games, roleplaying games, and card games. I prefer to game on weekends and holidays, but the occasional weekday is possible. I was a regular attendee of Geekway to the West when I lived in St. Louis. I have a blog, and though it\'s not devoted to gaming, I do touch upon it occasionally. Three of my favorite (board) games include Colt Express, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and Hollywood. I enjoy GMing D&D 3.5 Pathfinder, though I\'m honestly not terribly skilled at it.rnrnThat\'s it for the suggested questions. I have no children, but I do have two cats (in case you\'re allergic). I\'m new to the area. I\'ll add more here as I think to.

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Only preferences specifically selected will appear.  Game Length Times are general estimates.  Short games are usually less than an hour in length.  Medium games run up to two or three hours.  Long games would be four or five hours.  Very Long would be six or more hours.  Play by Post also includes Play By Email and Play By Mail. 

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