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RPG Systems Achtung! Cthulhu, Apocalypse World, Blades in the Dark, City of Mist, Cypher System, Deadlands, Feng Shui, Fiasco, Firefly, James Bond, Mutants and Masterminds, Numenera, Rolemaster, Savage Worlds, The Strange, Top Secret:SI
RPG Genres Action Movie, Covert Ops, Espionage, Fantasy, Historical (Alternate), Historical / Period, Horror, Modern, Pulp, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi (Hard), Steampunk, Storygame, Swashbuckling, Sword & Sorcery, Western
Wargames Malifaux, Saga, Song of Blades

I play all sorts of games, RPG, Miniatures (Skirmish level) and boardgames. rnRPGS: Morrow Project, ConspiracyX, Kult, Shard, City of Mist, Alpha Omega, Jorune, Noir World, Savage Worlds, and morernMiniatures: Malifaux, Freeblades, and a number of other skirmish level gamesrnBoardgames: Competitive or Cooperative - Kingdom Death, Zombicide, Nemesis, Shadows of Brimstone, Vegas Showdown, Serenissima, and more of course.rnLooking for a group that is interested in RPG, boardgames or Miniature battles. Saturdays works best, as does some evenings. Tues taken up with Gloomhaven right now, for about the next 20years, but open to possibilities

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