The Demon Lord's NPCs

Orc (level 0)

Size 1, Perception 9, Speed 12
Defense 10, Health 11, Healing Rate 2
Strength 11 (+1), Agility 12 (+2), Intellect 9 (-1), Will 9 (-1)
Power 0, Insanity 0, Corruption 1, Damage _____
Professions Spy (Criminal), Peasant conscript (Martial)
Languages Common Tongue, Dark Speech
Talents Shadowsight

The Demon Lord's NPCs is an npc generator for Robert Schwalb's roleplaying game Shadow of the Demon Lord.  It's a fun game in a world where desperate murder hobos resist the end of everything.  It's designed as an easy to learn system that even beginners can learn to play.  If you'd like to read more about the game or even buy a copy, be sure to check out the Shadow of the Demon Lord website.  This generator was made with the permission of Rob and support of Dan Heinrich.

This npc generator currently supports the core book up through level 6.  You can create up to 100 NPCs at a time.  More features are planned.