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Surveys (polls) to add Game Systems, Genres or Wargame Time Periods are requests by our members, these specific polls are open up to 6 months.  Member surveys that fail may not be requested again for 6 months.  Remember to ask other members to vote.  If you would like to request a game system not available in our Games & Genres, first log-in and then send Feedback. 

If any of the percentages are hidden on a survey's options, you can mouse over each line for that information.

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Open Surveys


Current Results

No Opinion

Would you like to add Gaslands to the Wargames available for our member's profiles?

Gaslands is a tabletop game of post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem. With fast and cinematic rules, it is designed to be played with toy cars, allowing players to ram, skid and race their way through the wreckage of a burnt-out Earth. Gaslands is published by Osprey Games.

Requested by member: Gunderwald

Closes on 12-31-2021,
Or when there are 15 Yes votes.

Have you Published?

Current Results

Yes, my own site
Yes, DM's Guild
Yes, but somewhere else
No but I'm working on something

Have you ever published gaming materials? Books, source materials or maybe pdfs?
Was it on your own site or on a publisher site like the DM's Guild?

Closes on 03-05-2022,
Or when 100 total votes are reached.

Village NPC Generation

Current Results


Our generator, NPC Backgrounds with Feeling was originally going to be a generator for creating a small village. It would have included relationship diagrams between some of the npcs. It might also then generate some basic personality data for each person. You'd have the ability to copy & paste the general outline of your saved village data.

As NPC Backgrounds with Feeling grew, it sort of moved away from that original design idea. But I'd still like to create a web tool that has that feature set.

Would you be interested in a one-click generator as described above?

Closes on 03-01-2022,
Or when 100 total votes are reached.

'Edit My Profile' is too Complex

Current Results

Yes, too complex
Yes, a little bit
No, but it's a bit too complicated
No, it works for me
Not sure / no opinion

Find Gamers wants to know if the website's user interface is too hard or just a pain for you. We're starting with a basic question about our member's profiles.

Do you think it's too much hard to complete or update your profile? Your personal profile creates your Gamer Biography. It's where you pick your games and your gaming interests.

Only about 55% of members have ever updated their biography, this percentage is consistent year after year. We'd like to increase that number. This poll will hopefully let us know if the interface is too hard for some members. If it is, we'd like to simplify it. This survey is step 1 in that direction.

Closes on 12-05-2021

I can't find a Group because...

Current Results

I live in a remote area
My schedule isn't flexible enough
They aren't playing games I enjoy
They were deplorable peope
Social anxiety
No conventions or stores
Not sure or Not really trying
I've never had this problem

Finding a Local gaming group is sometimes tough. If you aren't in a group, what's the biggest reason you can't find one? If you'd been without a group in the past, why? If it was another reason entirely, pick "Not sure."

Closes on 01-15-2023,
Or when 160 total votes are reached.

How'd you get here?

Current Results

Goggle Search
Forum Discussion
Word of Mouth

How did you discover Find Gamers? Was it through friends or message on a forum?

Closes on 01-15-2023