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Welcome Fellow Gamer

Thank you for signing up new user.  Good luck finding other hobby gamers!

After joining, you should receive an email notification from Find Gamers in a few minutes.  If you don't, we'd suggest you check your spam folder.  We also recommend adding auto‑[email protected] to your allowed senders list.  For some email providers, the best way to add an email address in your allowed senders is by adding it to your contacts list.

Find Gamers works by sending notification emails to members gamers when you try to contact them.  So we really do suggest you take the previous paragraph seriously.  If you or another member don't get their messages they will never know about gaming opportunities.

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How Does Find Gamers Work? A convoluted explanation...

Powered by You

Find Gamers is primarily a Player Finder & Group Finder.  We're also a Convention or Local Event Finder.  Our member clientele are tabletop roleplayers, miniature wargamers and historical wargamers.  Generally most of these will be in Canada, Great Britain and the USA.  Members from other countries are welcome as well, although only the Online Search tools will work for you.  It isn't because those other countries don't have some great gamers, the limitation is of a technical nature that will be overcome eventually.

What We Do

  • Find Players or Find Gamers (depending on your idiom) with our Player Finder.  It'll help you find gamers in your local area or maybe even online. 
  • Find Groups either locally or online.
  • Find Conventions or Local Events near you.  We have a member driven Convention list.  That means all of our events and convention information is powered by our members like you. 
  • The Tools & Compendium has a few gaming widgets that might come in handy.

How The Site Works

Any user who signs up for Find Gamers is indexed by Postal Code and Gamer Profile.  In the Options Settings you can elect to be Available or not.  If you are available, any user within a maximum of 90 miles of your Postal Code will be able to see you in a Player Finder search and could send you a private message.  You, along with the preferences & interests you've picked in your Gamer Profile will be shown along with everyone in their search.  That allows 'Joe' or 'Jane Gamer' to see what types of gaming interests you have.  If 'Joe Gamer' ('Jane', 'Dave', 'Sara' or 'Bob') thinks you might be a good person to game with, they will contact you through Find Gamers. 

If 'Joe Gamer' tries to contact you, you'll get an email from Find Gamers - not directly from 'Joe Gamer.'  You then just log in to see their message.  Whether the message sounds great or not, you can respond to them.  If you've decided it's not for you but aren't sure how to say that, just click 'auto-decline' and Find Gamers will respond for you.  Remember not to give any contact information such as email or phone number until you're sure it's a good idea.  Find Gamers isn't responsible for your personal safety, we can't do everything after all.  This is a good time to remind you about checking your spam folder every so often just in case. 


Unfortunate Limitations

Terms, Conditions & Privacy

  • Find Gamers will not share your personal information with any other members of the site.  If you have other questions about site policy, see the FAQ.  It's available from the left side of your screen.
  • We do use cookies.  They are not meant to be shared with other sites.  In order for the web server to keep members logged-in, it gives your browser an expiring encrypted cookie that only Find Gamers can access.  At this moment, cookies created by this website last up to 168 hours, or 7 days. 
  • Find Gamers isn't responsible for you having success in finding gamers through our site.  Sometimes life doesn't work out.  Just keep trying, that's what we do.
  • Find Gamers is not and cannot be responsible for the actions of other individuals you might encounter through Find Gamers.  By continued use of our site, sending messages, posting your Gamer Bio or making yourself searchable or available etc you agree not to hold Find Gamers liable in any way.  Further, we're not a dating site.  Accounts used for that activity or any other activity outside the purpose of finding other people to play Card games, Board games, LARPs, RPGs or Miniatures games could get you banned. 
  • Find Gamers will never sell your personal contact information or email addresses.  The only method where another person can acquire your contact information is if you give it to them.
  • Messages for you or others users of this site might be deleted after 6 months automatically.  This time period is subject to change without notice.  In fact, everything on this site and life in general is subject to change without notice.